We'd C Summer

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Carmen's Team20180290957433572
3Setting Ducks2012087466846248
4Tooth Fairies2010010717804-8740
5I'd Hit That206014626866-24024
6Screaming Banschees204016565757-19216
7Hit & Miss12309323370-4712

Viewed 70 times

Tooth Fairies39v30Setting Ducks
Screaming Banschees29v46Setting Ducks
I'd Hit That28v47Tooth Fairies
Randoms47v21Screaming Banschees
Carmen's Team62v15I'd Hit That
Carmen's Team57v31Randoms
Carmen's Team48v34I'd Hit That
Setting Ducks51v15I'd Hit That
Tooth Fairies33v43Carmen's Team
Screaming Banschees21v46Setting Ducks
Randoms53v30Tooth Fairies
Randoms42v33Screaming Banschees
Screaming Banschees10v5Hit & Miss
I'd Hit That10v5Hit & Miss
Tooth Fairies10v5Hit & Miss
Setting Ducks10v5Screaming Banschees
I'd Hit That36v39Setting Ducks
Hit & Miss36v39Tooth Fairies
Carmen's Team36v13Setting Ducks
Screaming Banschees36v13Hit & Miss
Carmen's Team36v13Randoms
Randoms36v13Screaming Banschees
Tooth Fairies28v54Hit & Miss
Setting Ducks28v54Randoms
Tooth Fairies28v54Carmen's Team
Randoms28v54Screaming Banschees
Carmen's Team28v54I'd Hit That
I'd Hit That28v54Screaming Banschees
I'd Hit That37v54Carmen's Team
Randoms37v54Carmen's Team
Tooth Fairies37v54I'd Hit That
Setting Ducks37v54Randoms
Tooth Fairies37v54Setting Ducks
Screaming Banschees25v42Carmen's Team
Hit & Miss25v42Carmen's Team
Tooth Fairies45v28Screaming Banschees
Setting Ducks45v28Hit & Miss
Randoms45v28Tooth Fairies
I'd Hit That31v56Setting Ducks
I'd Hit That18v56Randoms
Tooth Fairies18v40Randoms
Hit & Miss43v36Randoms
I'd Hit That38v49Tooth Fairies
Screaming Banschees39v41Hit & Miss
Carmen's Team52v23I'd Hit That
Setting Ducks58v25Screaming Banschees
Setting Ducks28v47Carmen's Team
I'd Hit That18v51Setting Ducks
Hit & Miss33v36Setting Ducks
Randoms44v20I'd Hit That
Tooth Fairies39v35Hit & Miss
Carmen's Team23v45Randoms
Screaming Banschees38v45Tooth Fairies
Screaming Banschees26v36Carmen's Team
I'd Hit That41v32Screaming Banschees
Tooth Fairies42v37Screaming Banschees
Tooth Fairies52v34I'd Hit That
Setting Ducks25v38Randoms
Carmen's Team41v25Randoms
Carmen's Team45v23Setting Ducks
Carmen's Team53v34Tooth Fairies
Setting Ducks45v37Tooth Fairies
Setting Ducks25v56Carmen's Team
Screaming Banschees20v54I'd Hit That
Randoms29v38I'd Hit That
Randoms52v19Screaming Banschees

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