We'd B winter

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1What's This Then20180278546032572
2Flying Penguins20130764153410752
3Up Your Pass2012086255497648
4Toa Girls2012086055772848
6Scared Hitless2010010655664-940
7Girls Academy185013506596-9020
8Bundy Babes204016486722-23616
9Chew My Sand183015435682-24712

Viewed 74 times

Chew My Sand25v50What's This Then
Flying Penguins42v16Up Your Pass
Toa Girls14v36Up Your Pass
Girls Academy23v43Flying Penguins
Scared Hitless53v24Toa Girls
Scared Hitless50v30Girls Academy
CocosNuts25v35What's This Then
Bundy Babes32v25Chew My Sand
Bundy Babes38v17CocosNuts
Toa Girls35v21What's This Then
Bundy Babes12v52What's This Then
Girls Academy28v29Toa Girls
Scared Hitless48v26Bundy Babes
Scared Hitless21v38Girls Academy
Up Your Pass30v28CocosNuts
Chew My Sand19v49Flying Penguins
Chew My Sand26v38Up Your Pass
Flying Penguins24v38CocosNuts
Up Your Pass69v2Bundy Babes
Toa Girls25v32Scared Hitless
Girls Academy29v30Scared Hitless
Flying Penguins32v30Toa Girls
Flying Penguins32v26Girls Academy
What's This Then55v21Bundy Babes
Up Your Pass43v14Chew My Sand
What's This Then55v13Chew My Sand
Scared Hitless30v29Flying Penguins
Up Your Pass28v25Chew My Sand
Toa Girls29v27Chew My Sand
Bundy Babes23v30Up Your Pass
Bundy Babes28v29Toa Girls
CocosNuts40v27Scared Hitless
What's This Then33v24Flying Penguins
What's This Then51v22CocosNuts
Chew My Sand49v27CocosNuts
Toa Girls26v28Flying Penguins
Bundy Babes23v32Flying Penguins
Girls Academy27v42Toa Girls
Scared Hitless38v32Bundy Babes
Scared Hitless50v22Girls Academy
Up Your Pass41v27CocosNuts
Chew My Sand20v33What's This Then
Up Your Pass24v42What's This Then
Toa Girls31v26Bundy Babes
Chew My Sand35v26Bundy Babes
Girls Academy27v28Toa Girls
Flying Penguins33v18Chew My Sand
Flying Penguins46v19Girls Academy
Up Your Pass23v33CocosNuts
What's This Then37v23Scared Hitless
CocosNuts47v24Scared Hitless
What's This Then43v18Up Your Pass
CocosNuts46v15Scared Hitless
Toa Girls37v16Scared Hitless
Girls Academy25v24CocosNuts
Flying Penguins35v22Toa Girls
Bundy Babes27v37Girls Academy
Up Your Pass23v33Flying Penguins
What's This Then33v19Bundy Babes
What's This Then30v21Up Your Pass
Flying Penguins29v27Up Your Pass
Up Your Pass36v24Bundy Babes
Toa Girls26v31Bundy Babes
Girls Academy26v33Flying Penguins
Scared Hitless40v17Toa Girls
CocosNuts28v27Girls Academy
What's This Then35v26Scared Hitless
Chew My Sand42v22CocosNuts
Chew My Sand14v38What's This Then
Up Your Pass35v29Flying Penguins
Toa Girls27v21Flying Penguins
Girls Academy27v33Up Your Pass
Chew My Sand28v56Toa Girls
Chew My Sand16v39Girls Academy
Bundy Babes13v43What's This Then
CocosNuts59v22Scared Hitless
CocosNuts31v22Bundy Babes
What's This Then18v67Scared Hitless
CocosNuts34v24Scared Hitless
Toa Girls39v19Scared Hitless
Girls Academy22v39CocosNuts
Flying Penguins22v39Toa Girls
Flying Penguins25v34Girls Academy
Up Your Pass25v36What's This Then
Chew My Sand26v39Bundy Babes
Chew My Sand13v45What's This Then
Bundy Babes22v29Up Your Pass

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