We'd B Summer

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Scared Hitless20160471746225564
2Flying Penguins20160463545318264
3Kiss My Ace18141364640424258
4The Others20111860850610246
6Chew My Sand207211535612-7732
7Girls Academy205114443595-15222
8Pink Panthers203017532767-23512

Viewed 77 times

Chew My Sand29v30The Others
Chew My Sand30v30Girls Academy
Scared Hitless58v20Pink Panthers
CocosNuts38v27Pink Panthers
Flying Penguins33v29Scared Hitless
The Others46v27CocosNuts
Kiss My Ace33v35Flying Penguins
Girls Academy24v34Kiss My Ace
Pink Panthers36v43Yirara
Flying Penguins35v25The Others
Flying Penguins32v19The Others
Chew My Sand34v39Pink Panthers
Scared Hitless35v30Girls Academy
Chew My Sand17v51Scared Hitless
Yirara42v40Girls Academy
Girls Academy10v5Pink Panthers
Chew My Sand10v5Girls Academy
Girls Academy10v5Pink Panthers
The Others10v5Girls Academy
Flying Penguins10v5Girls Academy
Scared Hitless10v5Girls Academy
Chew My Sand37v35Pink Panthers
Flying Penguins37v35Pink Panthers
Kiss My Ace37v35Chew My Sand
CocosNuts21v35Flying Penguins
Kiss My Ace21v35The Others
CocosNuts21v35Scared Hitless
Yirara21v35The Others
Yirara21v35Scared Hitless
Flying Penguins18v28Scared Hitless
Scared Hitless18v28Kiss My Ace
CocosNuts18v28Flying Penguins
The Others18v28Kiss My Ace
Chew My Sand18v28CocosNuts
The Others18v12Yirara
Chew My Sand18v12Yirara
Flying Penguins25v12Pink Panthers
Scared Hitless25v12Yirara
Chew My Sand25v12CocosNuts
CocosNuts25v12The Others
Kiss My Ace25v12Yirara
Kiss My Ace58v12Pink Panthers
Flying Penguins26v25The Others
Scared Hitless37v27The Others
Chew My Sand23v29Flying Penguins
Kiss My Ace37v31Scared Hitless
Pink Panthers32v39Chew My Sand
CocosNuts27v26Kiss My Ace
Girls Academy31v47Pink Panthers
Yirara28v60Girls Academy
Chew My Sand25v25Kiss My Ace
CocosNuts16v47Kiss My Ace
Flying Penguins37v21Chew My Sand
Girls Academy20v33CocosNuts
Pink Panthers21v44Flying Penguins
Scared Hitless59v15Girls Academy
The Others49v21Pink Panthers
Yirara25v41Scared Hitless
Yirara18v58The Others
Girls Academy40v34Pink Panthers
Scared Hitless46v25Pink Panthers
Flying Penguins51v19Girls Academy
The Others19v42Scared Hitless
Kiss My Ace26v23Flying Penguins
CocosNuts30v30The Others
Chew My Sand18v61Kiss My Ace
Yirara35v41Chew My Sand
Kiss My Ace30v26Flying Penguins
CocosNuts45v34Scared Hitless
Chew My Sand21v36Scared Hitless
Girls Academy25v34CocosNuts
The Others27v24Chew My Sand
Flying Penguins44v19Girls Academy
Pink Panthers24v41The Others
Yirara11v45Kiss My Ace
Yirara46v41Pink Panthers
Flying Penguins43v12CocosNuts
Kiss My Ace43v22CocosNuts
Scared Hitless32v24Flying Penguins
Girls Academy16v42Kiss My Ace
Chew My Sand19v35Scared Hitless
The Others32v34Girls Academy
Yirara16v51Chew My Sand
Pink Panthers15v52The Others
Pink Panthers46v29Yirara

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