We'd a winter

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Hot Shots20180261831530372
2We Always Get It Up20170359228031268
3Triple C's2012174784334550
5MASTA 207112430481-5130
66 Wise Cousins206113412536-12426
7Slap That Ace12309243385-14212
8Beach Bums202018326674-3488

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We Always Get It Up49v13Slap That Ace
Triple C's43v14Slap That Ace
6 Wise Cousins17v30We Always Get It Up
MASTA 25v27Triple C's
Manu37v256 Wise Cousins
Beach Bums20v33MASTA
Hot Shots27v20Manu
Hot Shots41v17Beach Bums
We Always Get It Up5v0MASTA
Triple C's14v25Hot Shots
6 Wise Cousins10v50Hot Shots
Manu14v26Triple C's
MASTA 28v246 Wise Cousins
We Always Get It Up28v13Manu
Beach Bums22v24MASTA
Beach Bums13v36We Always Get It Up
Triple C's21v126 Wise Cousins
Hot Shots33v116 Wise Cousins
Beach Bums16v32Triple C's
MASTA 12v31Hot Shots
We Always Get It Up33v14Beach Bums
Manu19v17We Always Get It Up
Hot Shots28v17Slap That Ace
Triple C's34v22Slap That Ace
6 Wise Cousins14v32Hot Shots
We Always Get It Up42v6Triple C's
Manu19v196 Wise Cousins
MASTA 15v23We Always Get It Up
Beach Bums20v39Manu
Beach Bums16v33MASTA
Beach Bums13v37Manu
Triple C's27v27Manu
6 Wise Cousins31v13Beach Bums
Hot Shots12v27Triple C's
We Always Get It Up32v136 Wise Cousins
MASTA 14v41Hot Shots
Slap That Ace15v40MASTA
Slap That Ace31v22MASTA
Slap That Ace11v34Hot Shots
Triple C's11v37Hot Shots
6 Wise Cousins37v23Slap That Ace
Manu34v17Triple C's
MASTA 21v206 Wise Cousins
We Always Get It Up28v10Manu
Beach Bums12v41MASTA
Beach Bums7v52We Always Get It Up
Triple C's20v24Beach Bums
6 Wise Cousins28v18Beach Bums
MASTA 15v25Triple C's
Hot Shots40v126 Wise Cousins
We Always Get It Up15v18Hot Shots
Slap That Ace36v16Manu
Slap That Ace15v28We Always Get It Up
6 Wise Cousins18v25We Always Get It Up
Triple C's23v18We Always Get It Up
MASTA 19v276 Wise Cousins
Slap That Ace16v38Triple C's
Hot Shots38v16MASTA
Beach Bums16v30Slap That Ace
Manu13v23Hot Shots
Manu22v26Beach Bums
6 Wise Cousins18v32Triple C's
Hot Shots25v22Triple C's
We Always Get It Up30v246 Wise Cousins
Beach Bums15v38Hot Shots
Beach Bums14v39We Always Get It Up
Triple C's15v14MASTA
Hot Shots32v18MASTA
We Always Get It Up23v18Triple C's
6 Wise Cousins26v13Hot Shots
Beach Bums10v39We Always Get It Up
Manu20v266 Wise Cousins
Manu26v20Beach Bums

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