We'd A summer

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1All Over It20190162426336176
2We Always Get It Up20170350234315968
3Hot Shots20140652134217956
4Triple C's 2011094414251644
6Triple B's206014394512-11824
76 Wise Cousins204115395509-11418
8Beach Bums201019263650-3874

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MANU23v31Triple B's
Triple C's 27v16Triple B's
6 Wise Cousins14v31MANU
We Always Get It Up41v20Triple C's
All Over It49v126 Wise Cousins
Hot Shots13v36We Always Get It Up
Beach Bums7v48All Over It
Beach Bums17v46Hot Shots
We Always Get It Up22v16Triple C's
Beach Bums12v45Triple C's
Hot Shots22v7We Always Get It Up
6 Wise Cousins21v23Beach Bums
MANU14v35Hot Shots
Triple B's20v326 Wise Cousins
All Over It19v17MANU
All Over It47v9Triple B's
6 Wise Cousins10v5Beach Bums
Triple C's 10v5Beach Bums
Triple B's30v12Triple C's
All Over It30v126 Wise Cousins
We Always Get It Up30v12Triple B's
All Over It30v12MANU
We Always Get It Up30v12Hot Shots
Hot Shots30v12MANU
6 Wise Cousins27v27MANU
6 Wise Cousins10v20Hot Shots
Triple B's10v20MANU
Hot Shots10v20All Over It
Triple B's10v20We Always Get It Up
Triple C's 10v20All Over It
Beach Bums10v20We Always Get It Up
Beach Bums10v20Triple C's
Triple B's18v23Triple C's
Triple B's18v23We Always Get It Up
6 Wise Cousins18v23Triple C's
Beach Bums18v23We Always Get It Up
6 Wise Cousins18v23Hot Shots
Beach Bums18v23MANU
All Over It18v23Hot Shots
All Over It34v7MANU
Triple C's 38v18MANU
Hot Shots28v20MANU
6 Wise Cousins22v30Triple C's
Triple B's12v35Hot Shots
We Always Get It Up31v166 Wise Cousins
Beach Bums14v47Triple B's
All Over It35v9We Always Get It Up
All Over It60v7Beach Bums
6 Wise Cousins16v21We Always Get It Up
Triple C's 20v31We Always Get It Up
MANU26v236 Wise Cousins
Beach Bums11v35Triple C's
Triple B's17v30MANU
Hot Shots41v13Beach Bums
All Over It37v13Triple B's
All Over It16v14Hot Shots
Triple C's 22v18Beach Bums
6 Wise Cousins44v11Beach Bums
Triple B's27v22Triple C's
All Over It28v126 Wise Cousins
Hot Shots33v14Triple B's
MANU14v32All Over It
We Always Get It Up21v18Hot Shots
We Always Get It Up27v15MANU
All Over It20v16Hot Shots
MANU36v17Beach Bums
Triple C's 12v32Hot Shots
6 Wise Cousins18v39Hot Shots
MANU19v23Triple C's
We Always Get It Up29v246 Wise Cousins
Beach Bums16v33MANU
Triple B's10v23We Always Get It Up
All Over It31v21Beach Bums
All Over It29v21Triple B's
Triple B's24v226 Wise Cousins
Triple C's 19v246 Wise Cousins
Beach Bums10v35Triple B's
Hot Shots31v14Triple C's
We Always Get It Up41v17MANU
We Always Get It Up17v21All Over It

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