WCF Social League Table

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Young Boys16120434151936
5City United1668233201326
6AD Dominant FC168263021926
7Wetu United1667331201125
8Soweto United 165652730-321
9Touch n Pass165562028-820
10Lake United165381328-1518
11Min of Labour164571416-217
12Neha Mema164391427-1315
13Southern Kings164391937-1815
15OP 1163491833-1513
16Amazon FC162682438-1412

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OP 11v1Neha Mema
SRF4v2Soweto United
SRF2v0Southern Kings
AD Dominant FC1v5WCF
Young Boys3v0Lake United
Oshigambo1v2Min of Labour
Oshigambo1v0Neha Mema
City United4v0OP 1
Amazon FC0v6AD Dominant FC
SRF1v1Wetu United
WCF2v0OP 1
Touch n Pass2v1City United
Soweto United 1v0Avani
Young Boys3v2Touch n Pass
Wetu United0v0Oshimbwango
Min of Labour1v2Neha Mema
OP 12v7Wetu United
Lake United2v6Soweto United
AD Dominant FC3v1Touch n Pass
Southern Kings0v1Soweto United
Oshimbwango3v0Neha Mema
Amazon FC1v4Min of Labour
AD Dominant FC1v1City United
Touch n Pass1v1Neha Mema
Young Boys2v1Neha Mema
City United5v0Neha Mema
Avani0v2Neha Mema
SRF2v0Neha Mema
WCF2v1Neha Mema
Lake United0v2Neha Mema
Wetu United0v1Neha Mema
Soweto United 3v3Neha Mema
AD Dominant FC2v0Neha Mema
Southern Kings2v0Neha Mema
Amazon FC2v0Neha Mema
Lake United1v0Southern Kings
Soweto United 2v2Amazon FC
Touch n Pass2v1Wetu United
OP 10v2Young Boys
Min of Labour0v1WCF
Wetu United3v1Avani
Young Boys3v1Oshimbwango
Lake United2v1City United
Southern Kings1v6WCF
WCF4v2Young Boys
Amazon FC2v5Oshimbwango
Oshimbwango2v0AD Dominant FC
Young Boys3v0Oshigambo
Wetu United2v0Lake United
Amazon FC1v2Avani
Soweto United 0v2Touch n Pass
SRF1v2City United
Southern Kings1v0Min of Labour
Amazon FC3v3Wetu United
Oshigambo2v1AD Dominant FC
Avani1v0OP 1
City United2v1Young Boys
AD Dominant FC1v2SRF
Min of Labour1v1Oshimbwango
Avani1v1AD Dominant FC
Wetu United2v0Oshigambo
Southern Kings1v3Oshimbwango
SRF1v1Amazon FC
AD Dominant FC3v0Lake United
City United0v0Min of Labour
Amazon FC0v0Lake United
OP 13v1Touch n Pass
SRF2v3Touch n Pass
City United1v1Southern Kings
Oshigambo1v1Soweto United
Oshigambo3v3Southern Kings
WCF2v2Wetu United
Lake United1v1OP 1
City United2v2Wetu United
Oshimbwango7v2Soweto United
AD Dominant FC3v0Southern Kings
Oshigambo2v2Amazon FC
Min of Labour2v1OP 1
Avani0v2Young Boys
Lake United2v0Touch n Pass
Touch n Pass2v2Avani
Min of Labour1v0AD Dominant FC
Amazon FC2v4WCF
OP 10v5Oshimbwango
Soweto United 0v0City United
Touch n Pass0v0Min of Labour
Young Boys1v0SRF
Avani2v3Southern Kings
AD Dominant FC3v4Soweto United
Amazon FC1v3Young Boys
OP 11v2SRF
Soweto United 0v1WCF
Wetu United1v1Southern Kings
Min of Labour0v0Lake United
Young Boys1v0Min of Labour
Soweto United 1v1OP 1
Southern Kings2v0Touch n Pass
Amazon FC0v1City United
Lake United2v0Oshigambo
Amazon FC6v3Southern Kings
Wetu United3v1Young Boys
AD Dominant FC2v1OP 1
Amazon FC1v2Touch n Pass
Oshigambo1v4City United
Avani1v1Min of Labour
Lake United1v2Oshimbwango
Wetu United1v0Min of Labour
Soweto United 0v2Young Boys
Southern Kings1v3OP 1
Oshigambo0v0Touch n Pass
Oshimbwango3v3City United
Lake United0v2WCF
Soweto United 2v2Wetu United
AD Dominant FC1v0Young Boys
Amazon FC0v0OP 1
Oshimbwango2v2Touch n Pass
WCF3v3City United
SRF3v2Min of Labour
Lake United2v1Avani
Soweto United 2v0Min of Labour
AD Dominant FC2v1Wetu United
Southern Kings0v5Young Boys
Oshigambo1v4OP 1
WCF5v0Touch n Pass
Avani3v3City United
Lake United0v5SRF

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