wasserburg junajtet

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1fc drilon 99003472727
2fc maxi962146212520
3fc laurent104423627916
4fc festim 93152334-1110
5fc basti81071028-183
6fc jason 90181850-321
7fc Daniel00000000

Viewed 441 times

fc drilon 2v1fc laurent
fc maxi10v2fc festim
fc laurent5v5fc jason
fc maxi6v6fc laurent
fc maxi9v2fc jason
fc drilon 4v0fc basti
fc drilon 4v0fc basti
fc jason 4v5fc festim
fc basti3v4fc laurent
fc drilon 7v4fc jason
fc maxi3v2fc basti
fc laurent5v2fc festim
fc maxi1v2fc drilon
fc festim 6v1fc jason
fc festim 6v1fc jason
fc festim 1v3fc basti
fc laurent1v2fc drilon
fc laurent5v5fc maxi
fc drilon 4v0fc basti
fc maxi5v0fc festim
fc laurent4v1fc jason
fc drilon 4v0fc festim
fc drilon 5v0fc jason
fc maxi3v0fc jason
fc laurent4v0fc basti
fc maxi4v2fc basti
fc laurent1v1fc festim

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