Warley Sunday Prem 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Crosswells Athletic4301199109
3Oakham United430115699
4Miners Arms43011214-29
5The Robin31118804
6Darlaston Athletic3111610-44
7Spring Meadow31021012-23
8Spills Meadow4103812-43
10George Brades3003614-80

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Miners Arms2v1George Brades
The Robin2v4Spring Meadow
Spills Meadow1v2Darlaston Athletic
Crosswells Athletic1v4Oakham United
Spring Meadow3v6Spills Meadow
George Brades4v5Miners Arms
O.A.T.H2v4The Robin
Darlaston Athletic2v7Crosswells Athletic
Oakham United2v3O'Reilly's
Spills Meadow0v4O'Reilly's
O.A.T.H2v4Crosswells Athletic
Darlaston Athletic2v2The Robin
Miners Arms1v6Oakham United
Miners Arms4v3Spring Meadow
Crosswells Athletic7v1George Brades
Spills Meadow1v3Oakham United

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