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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Yeltz bar3300133109
2Whiteheath Tavern430112759
3Forest Falcons321010557
4LAPAL FC!!!42119727
5FC Hasbury220011296
6Langley Gold31114404
7White Swan21014313
8Britannia Colts4103101003
9Lion Farm Athletic3102512-73
10AFC Cambridge Swifts3102616-103
11Brunswick FC201123-11
12GSA Reserves201124-21
13Hasbury Rangers4013616-101
14Blackcountry Gunners100124-20

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FC Hasbury8v1AFC Cambridge Swifts
Lion Farm Athletic4v2Blackcountry Gunners
LAPAL FC!!!5v2Hasbury Rangers
Whiteheath Tavern5v1Britannia Colts
Forest Falcons4v1Lion Farm Athletic
Brunswick FC1v2Langley Gold
Forest Falcons3v1GSA Reserves
LAPAL FC!!!3v2Britannia Colts
Whiteheath Tavern2v1White Swan
Yeltz bar5v0Hasbury Rangers
AFC Cambridge Swifts3v2Whiteheath Tavern
Hasbury Rangers3v3Forest Falcons
Britannia Colts1v2Yeltz bar
LAPAL FC!!!0v0Langley Gold
Brunswick FC1v1GSA Reserves
Lion Farm Athletic0v6Britannia Colts
FC Hasbury3v1Hasbury Rangers
Yeltz bar6v2AFC Cambridge Swifts
Whiteheath Tavern3v2Langley Gold
LAPAL FC!!!1v3White Swan

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