Walton and kirkdale under 9s

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Olympic juniors87103042622
3North park 970226131321
4Quarry green guards741231181313
5Quarry green jags740338162212
7West derby pumas731332191310
8Afc liverpool81251127-165
9NSC 71151027-174
11Bootle bucks8107355-523
12Cronus titans200202-20

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Afc liverpool0v7Olympic juniors
North park 6v1MHS
Bootle bucks0v1NSC
Eldonians1v1Olympic juniors
MHS4v3Afc liverpool
Quarry green jags2v3Quarry green guards
NSC 1v2North park
Bootle bucks0v10Predator
Olympic juniors2v1Quarry green jags
Afc liverpool2v2NSC
North park 3v0Bootle bucks
Predator5v1West derby pumas
Quarry green jags10v6MHS
Bootle bucks3v1Afc liverpool
West derby pumas3v3Quarry green guards
North park 1v2Predator
Quarry green jags9v0NSC
Eldonians10v0Bootle bucks
Olympic juniors4v1West derby pumas
Afc liverpool2v5North park
Predator5v0Quarry green guards
Bootle bucks0v10Quarry green jags
West derby pumas8v0MHS
North park 1v3Eldonians
Quarry green guards1v4Olympic juniors
Afc liverpool1v5Predator
NSC 3v6West derby pumas
Quarry green jags1v3North park
MHS1v10Quarry green guards
Eldonians1v1Afc liverpool
Predator0v1Olympic juniors
West derby pumas10v0Bootle bucks
North park 1v0Cronus titans
Quarry green guards4v3NSC
Olympic juniors7v0MHS
West derby pumas3v4North park
Bootle bucks0v10Quarry green guards
Cronus titans0v1Afc liverpool
NSC 0v4Olympic juniors
Quarry green jags5v2Eldonians

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