Walton & kirkdale under 12's league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Eldonians 65103572816
2Quarry green guards75023392415
3Afc Cronus warriors54103562913
4Merseyboys 9664023172412
6River juniors71151855-374
7Mk elders41031132-213
8Afc Cronus posidon60241125-142
9Croxteth tigers6015836-281

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Quarry green guards2v1Afc Cronus posidon
Eldonians 10v1River juniors
Belvedere4v1Croxteth tigers
Mk elders0v7Quarry green guards
Afc Cronus posidon1v2Merseyboys 96
Croxteth tigers4v5River juniors
Afc Cronus warriors3v3Eldonians
Quarry green guards8v1Belvedere
Afc Cronus warriors10v0Croxteth tigers
Quarry green guards10v0River juniors
Merseyboys 962v3Eldonians
Belvedere10v1Mk elders
Belvedere0v10Merseyboys 96
Quarry green guards2v4Afc Cronus warriors
Merseyboys 966v0Croxteth tigers
Mk elders10v5River juniors
Belvedere4v1Afc Cronus posidon
Quarry green guards3v1Merseyboys 96
Belvedere6v2River juniors
Afc Cronus posidon0v9Eldonians
Merseyboys 9610v0Mk elders
Belvedere1v8Afc Cronus warriors
Eldonians 8v0Croxteth tigers
River juniors5v5Afc Cronus posidon
Quarry green guards1v2Eldonians
Afc Cronus warriors10v0River juniors
Afc Cronus posidon3v3Croxteth tigers

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