Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1West Derby Pumas77005655121
3Quarry Jags861141122919
4AFC Cronus Warriors740331141712
5Eldonions 73132819910
6Croxteth Tigers72231936-178
7Quarry Guards 62131824-67
8Mersey Boys 9672141830-127
10River jnrs 6114937-284
11Mersey Kickers6015642-361
12Cobra 4004424-200

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Quarry Jags0v5Predator
West Derby Pumas10v1Cobra
Quarry Jags6v1Belvadere
West Derby Pumas5v1Eldonions
Mersey Boys 964v2Quarry Guards
Cobra 2v4Croxteth Tigers
Predator10v0Mersey Kickers
AFC Cronus Warriors10v0River jnrs
Eldonions 6v1Belvadere
Quarry Guards 0v8Quarry Jags
Croxteth Tigers0v10West Derby Pumas
Mersey Kickers0v5Mersey Boys 96
River jnrs 3v1Cobra
Predator3v0AFC Cronus Warriors
Eldonions 1v1Quarry Guards
Belvadere5v5Croxteth Tigers
Quarry Jags10v0Mersey Kickers
West Derby Pumas10v0River jnrs
Mersey Boys 961v6Predator
AFC Cronus Warriors7v0Cobra
Croxteth Tigers2v4Quarry Guards
Mersey Kickers2v10Eldonions
River jnrs 2v5Belvadere
Predator2v2Quarry Jags
Mersey Boys 962v5AFC Cronus Warriors
Croxteth Tigers5v2Mersey Kickers
Quarry Guards 9v2River jnrs
Eldonions 1v2Predator
Quarry Jags6v0Mersey Boys 96
AFC Cronus Warriors1v4West Derby Pumas
River jnrs 2v2Mersey Kickers
Eldonions 8v3Mersey Boys 96
West Derby Pumas10v0Belvadere
Croxteth Tigers0v10Predator
AFC Cronus Warriors3v4Quarry Jags
Eldonions 1v5Quarry Jags
Quarry Guards 2v7West Derby Pumas
AFC Cronus Warriors5v1Belvadere
Croxteth Tigers3v3Mersey Boys 96

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