W&DSL Division 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Whizz Kids77002735250123414
2Edd's Eagles7502258024958510
3Charlton Chuckers6501215521094610
4Cornhill 86402226121381238
5UB 8640221892129608
7Cider Lads630321002089116
8Barmy 863032265226416
9Chewton 'C'620419401996-564
10Trad Lads620420442103-594
12Leigion Lads610521142232-1182
13Wookey Hole C C600621802377-1970

Viewed 453 times

Whizz Kids373v337Trad Lads
UB 8371v401Charlton Chuckers
Dynamoes341v359Cider Lads
Showerings358v370Leigion Lads
Edd's Eagles352v336Chewton 'C'
Wookey Hole C C375v428Barmy 8
Leigion Lads325v396Whizz Kids
Trad Lads346v338Dynamoes
Chewton 'C'308v320UB 8
Showerings362v339Wookey Hole C C
Charlton Chuckers359v356Cornhill 8
Dynamoes350v347Leigion Lads
UB 8354v371Cider Lads
Whizz Kids379v366Barmy 8
Edd's Eagles356v350Trad Lads
Leigion Lads347v363Edd's Eagles
Chewton 'C'319v317Charlton Chuckers
Trad Lads336v360UB 8
Wookey Hole C C386v391Whizz Kids
Barmy 8356v378Dynamoes
Charlton Chuckers368v362Cider Lads
Dynamoes383v350Wookey Hole C C
Chewton 'C'304v340Cornhill 8
Whizz Kids366v331Showerings
UB 8401v364Leigion Lads
Cornhill 8406v361Showerings
Trad Lads340v346Charlton Chuckers
Cider Lads332v343Chewton 'C'
Barmy 8349v383UB 8
Barmy 8372v369Showerings
Wookey Hole C C382v415Edd's Eagles
Cornhill 8413v429Whizz Kids
Cider Lads337v348Cornhill 8
Edd's Eagles379v347Showerings
Dynamoes343v401Whizz Kids
Chewton 'C'330v335Trad Lads
Charlton Chuckers364v361Leigion Lads
Cornhill 8398v348Wookey Hole C C
Cider Lads339v335Edd's Eagles
Edd's Eagles380v394Barmy 8

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