VoxPro League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Darren Walsh Utd117222012823
2Eoghan Mac AC177283228423
3Gary O'Con Chelsea136163031-119
4Phil Noonan Arsenal95222415917
5Adrian Stew Juve104332214815
6Ivan White Real75022317615
7Sean Conn Man City5311108210
8Julian Daly Barce81161023-134
9Jason O'Rah Bayern6105819-113
10Killian Dool PSG4004113-120

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Eoghan Mac AC2v3Sean Conn Man City
Darren Walsh Utd1v2Gary O'Con Chelsea
Darren Walsh Utd2v0Gary O'Con Chelsea
Adrian Stew Juve1v1Julian Daly Barce
Adrian Stew Juve5v1Gary O'Con Chelsea
Gary O'Con Chelsea3v1Jason O'Rah Bayern
Julian Daly Barce1v2Darren Walsh Utd
Julian Daly Barce0v1Darren Walsh Utd
Jason O'Rah Bayern1v4Adrian Stew Juve
Gary O'Con Chelsea4v6Ivan White Real
Ivan White Real1v4Gary O'Con Chelsea
Jason O'Rah Bayern4v5Gary O'Con Chelsea
Adrian Stew Juve4v1Phil Noonan Arsenal
Jason O'Rah Bayern0v1Eoghan Mac AC
Phil Noonan Arsenal2v4Darren Walsh Utd
Adrian Stew Juve2v3Darren Walsh Utd
Adrian Stew Juve2v1Gary O'Con Chelsea
Eoghan Mac AC1v1Phil Noonan Arsenal
Phil Noonan Arsenal3v1Eoghan Mac AC
Ivan White Real6v2Julian Daly Barce
Eoghan Mac AC1v3Darren Walsh Utd
Gary O'Con Chelsea3v1Sean Conn Man City
Darren Walsh Utd1v0Eoghan Mac AC
Eoghan Mac AC2v1Killian Dool PSG
Darren Walsh Utd0v0Adrian Stew Juve
Gary O'Con Chelsea1v1Phil Noonan Arsenal
Phil Noonan Arsenal2v1Gary O'Con Chelsea
Phil Noonan Arsenal4v1Julian Daly Barce
Phil Noonan Arsenal5v0Jason O'Rah Bayern
Killian Dool PSG0v4Ivan White Real
Eoghan Mac AC1v2Ivan White Real
Sean Conn Man City2v2Darren Walsh Utd
Adrian Stew Juve1v2Jason O'Rah Bayern
Eoghan Mac AC3v2Adrian Stew Juve
Ivan White Real3v0Killian Dool PSG
Eoghan Mac AC6v1Ivan White Real
Phil Noonan Arsenal5v2Julian Daly Barce
Eoghan Mac AC2v3Gary O'Con Chelsea
Gary O'Con Chelsea2v3Eoghan Mac AC
Sean Conn Man City2v0Eoghan Mac AC
Eoghan Mac AC3v1Julian Daly Barce
Adrian Stew Juve1v1Eoghan Mac AC
Killian Dool PSG0v4Eoghan Mac AC
Darren Walsh Utd1v2Sean Conn Man City
Julian Daly Barce2v1Eoghan Mac AC

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