Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
14. Banbury United youth440061512
21. Bloc ham fc42115417
33. Launton fc41124314
42. Deddington town colts41123304
55. Bracelet athletic jaffas401318-71
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5. Bracelet athletic jaffas0v24. Banbury United youth
2. Deddington town colts1v21. Bloc ham fc
3. Launton fc4v05. Bracelet athletic jaffas
4. Banbury United youth2v11. Bloc ham fc
3. Launton fc0v22. Deddington town colts
2. Deddington town colts0v14. Banbury United youth
1. Bloc ham fc0v03. Launton fc
5. Bracelet athletic jaffas0v02. Deddington town colts
4. Banbury United youth1v03. Launton fc
1. Bloc ham fc2v15. Bracelet athletic jaffas

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