Victory Darts League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Crown A990078126618
2Pennies Lounge 981068224617
3Pennies Bar971166244215
4Ellwyn 501'S961257332413
5Crown Team 12960361293212
6Mill Inn 960353371612
7Roman Bar9405464428
8Crown B93244446-28
9Anchor Tavern 93153951-127
10Magpie Bar93063654-186
11Grangemouth Tavern 92072070-504
12Magpie 9ers91172466-423
13Star & Garter91172367-443
14Crown C90091575-600

Viewed 967 times

Star & Garter2v8Magpie Bar
Pennies Lounge 8v2Anchor Tavern
Roman Bar1v9Crown A
Crown Team 127v3Grangemouth Tavern
Crown C1v9Pennies Bar
Ellwyn 501'S5v5Crown B
Magpie 9ers0v10Mill Inn
Grangemouth Tavern 6v4Crown C
Crown B2v8Crown Team 12
Star & Garter1v9Pennies Lounge
Pennies Bar7v3Magpie 9ers
Anchor Tavern 3v7Roman Bar
Magpie Bar3v7Ellwyn 501'S
Crown A10v0Mill Inn
Crown Team 127v3Magpie Bar
Roman Bar3v7Pennies Lounge
Crown B7v3Crown C
Magpie 9ers4v6Grangemouth Tavern
Ellwyn 501'S8v2Star & Garter
Pennies Bar4v6Crown A
Mill Inn 7v3Anchor Tavern
Crown A9v1Grangemouth Tavern
Magpie 9ers0v10Crown B
Anchor Tavern 4v6Pennies Bar
Crown C1v9Magpie Bar
Pennies Lounge 6v4Mill Inn
Ellwyn 501'S7v3Crown Team 12
Roman Bar8v2Star & Garter
Crown A8v2Crown B
Grangemouth Tavern 1v9Anchor Tavern
Magpie Bar6v4Magpie 9ers
Pennies Bar5v5Pennies Lounge
Crown C0v10Ellwyn 501'S
Mill Inn 7v3Roman Bar
Star & Garter1v9Crown Team 12
Crown B5v5Anchor Tavern
Magpie Bar1v9Crown A
Pennies Lounge 8v2Grangemouth Tavern
Ellwyn 501'S9v1Magpie 9ers
Roman Bar2v8Pennies Bar
Crown Team 1210v0Crown C
Mill Inn 7v3Star & Garter
Anchor Tavern 6v4Magpie Bar
Crown B3v7Pennies Lounge
Crown A10v0Ellwyn 501'S
Grangemouth Tavern 0v10Roman Bar
Magpie 9ers0v10Crown Team 12
Pennies Bar8v2Mill Inn
Star & Garter7v3Crown C
Magpie Bar0v10Pennies Lounge
Ellwyn 501'S9v1Anchor Tavern
Roman Bar4v6Crown B
Crown Team 123v7Crown A
Mill Inn 10v0Grangemouth Tavern
Crown C3v7Magpie 9ers
Pennies Bar10v0Star & Garter
Pennies Lounge 8v2Ellwyn 501'S
Magpie Bar2v8Roman Bar
Anchor Tavern 6v4Crown Team 12
Crown B4v6Mill Inn
Crown A10v0Crown C
Grangemouth Tavern 1v9Pennies Bar
Star & Garter5v5Magpie 9ers

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