Vice City Ràdio Station League 1994 Division 3

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Wave 103 (C)63212341911
2Wildstyle 63211731411
4Fresh 1056006043-430

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Emotion1v1Wave 103 (C)
Wildstyle 8v0Fresh 105
Wave 103 (C)11v0Fresh 105
Wildstyle 1v1Wave 103 (C)
Fresh 1050v3Emotion
Wave 103 (C)1v0Emotion
Fresh 1050v6Wildstyle
Wildstyle 0v0Emotion
Fresh 1050v8Wave 103 (C)
Wave 103 (C)1v2Wildstyle
Emotion7v0Fresh 105

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