ut league 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Danny houfe953129121718
2Matthew garnett953129131618
3Danny thorpe94501861217
4Stuart homes9432117415
5Ronnie sinclair 9270125713
6Timothy hill9252611-511
7kasey cicio9153413-98
8David Sleeves 9135616-106
9Adrian samek9054112-115
10David splitt 91171233-214

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Danny thorpe0v0Adrian samek
Danny thorpe0v0Ronnie sinclair
Adrian samek0v0Stuart homes
kasey cicio0v0Ronnie sinclair
Danny thorpe0v0Danny houfe
Timothy hill0v0Stuart homes
Danny thorpe0v0Stuart homes
Adrian samek0v0Timothy hill
Adrian samek0v2Matthew garnett
kasey cicio0v5Danny houfe
Timothy hill0v6Danny houfe
kasey cicio0v0David Sleeves
Ronnie sinclair 7v3David splitt
Matthew garnett6v0David Sleeves
kasey cicio0v0Timothy hill
Ronnie sinclair 0v0Matthew garnett
Matthew garnett4v1David splitt
David Sleeves 0v0David splitt
Danny thorpe0v0Timothy hill
David Sleeves 1v1Ronnie sinclair
Adrian samek1v4David Sleeves
David splitt 2v5Danny houfe
Matthew garnett3v3Danny houfe
kasey cicio0v1Stuart homes
Stuart homes3v0David splitt
Adrian samek0v0Ronnie sinclair
Adrian samek0v0kasey cicio
Danny thorpe8v2David splitt
Danny thorpe4v0kasey cicio
Ronnie sinclair 1v1Danny houfe
Matthew garnett3v1Stuart homes
Stuart homes1v0David Sleeves
Matthew garnett5v1Timothy hill
David Sleeves 1v5Danny houfe
Timothy hill4v0David splitt
Ronnie sinclair 0v0Timothy hill
Adrian samek0v3David splitt
Adrian samek0v3Danny houfe
Timothy hill1v0David Sleeves
Ronnie sinclair 3v0Stuart homes
Danny houfe1v5Stuart homes
Matthew garnett2v2kasey cicio
David splitt 1v2kasey cicio
David Sleeves 0v1Danny thorpe
Matthew garnett4v5Danny thorpe

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