Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Acutt FC65011971215
3Queens Park Strangers6501158715
4Disney Glamour Boys64201912714
5Mayville Court5311134910
6Apsara FC63121613310
7Wakesleigh FC6303191279
8Shepstone House6303191549
9Tiger Boys5302171439
10Brazilians FC6303714-79
12Ansell May5203613-76
13Glenwood FC6114141404
14Shisa Boys FC50141015-51
15Victoria Heights6006820-120

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Ansell May3v2Shisa Boys FC
Shepstone House3v5Apsara FC
Wakesleigh FC2v3Brazilians FC
Disney Glamour Boys4v2Glenwood FC
Acutt FC3v0Queens Park Strangers
T-Willy4v3Tiger Boys
Disney Glamour Boys3v3Apsara FC
Glenwood FC2v3Queens Park Strangers
Victoria Heights1v5Wakesleigh FC
T-Willy3v0Victoria Heights
Glenwood FC0v1Apsara FC
Mayville Court1v2100%
Acutt FC5v1Brazilians FC
Mayville Court3v0Shepstone House
PSG0v3Disney Glamour Boys
Ansell May3v2T-Willy
Acutt FC3v2Victoria Heights
Shepstone House9v0PSG
Tiger Boys4v3Wakesleigh FC
100%3v1Shisa Boys FC
Brazilians FC0v2Queens Park Strangers
Acutt FC5v2Tiger Boys
Ansell May0v6Wakesleigh FC
Queens Park Strangers3v2Victoria Heights
PSG1v6Apsara FC
100%4v1Wakesleigh FC
Mayville Court1v1Disney Glamour Boys
PSG0v8Glenwood FC
Acutt FC2v0Ansell May
Shepstone House4v3Shisa Boys FC
Tiger Boys4v0Brazilians FC
Apsara FC1v3Queens Park Strangers
Victoria Heights1v2Brazilians FC
Mayville Court5v1Glenwood FC
Disney Glamour Boys4v3Shisa Boys FC
Shepstone House3v2T-Willy
Ansell May0v1Brazilians FC
Shepstone House0v2Wakesleigh FC
Shisa Boys FC1v1Glenwood FC
T-Willy3v4Disney Glamour Boys
Queens Park Strangers4v0PSG
Tiger Boys4v2Victoria Heights
Mayville Court3v0Apsara FC
100%2v1Acutt FC

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