University First Division

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Mayville Court1392238152329
3Disney Glamour Boys126423325822
4Queens Park Strangers 127142520522
5Acutt F.C126152822619
6Shisa Boys136162925419
7Brazilians F.C136162027-719
8Wakesleigh F.C126062923618
10T Willy 135262826217
11Ansell May125162028-816
12Tiger Boys 124172633-713
13Glenwood F.C122461625-910
14Shepstone House1321101237-257
15Victoria F.C121291433-195

Viewed 58 times

Shisa Boys3v4Mayville Court
100%3v2Tiger Boys
Brazilians F.C3v0Shepstone House
Apsara4v2T Willy
Ansell May3v2Queens Park Strangers
Shisa Boys4v2Queens Park Strangers
Victoria F.C1v0Shepstone House
Brazilians F.C3v0Disney Glamour Boys
Glenwood F.C1v1Acutt F.C
Apsara4v3Wakesleigh F.C
Mayville Court0v0T Willy
Tiger Boys 2v0Shepstone House
Brazilians F.C4v0Glenwood F.C
Apsara0v1Acutt F.C
Victoria F.C2v2Disney Glamour Boys
100%5v3Ansell May
Shisa Boys3v0T Willy
Wakesleigh F.C2v1Mayville Court
Tiger Boys 2v4Disney Glamour Boys
Ansell May2v0Shepstone House
100%2v1Queens Park Strangers
Apsara1v1Brazilians F.C
Wakesleigh F.C2v1Shisa Boys
Tiger Boys 2v2Glenwood F.C
Victoria F.C1v1Apsara
Acutt F.C3v5Mayville Court
Shepstone House0v4100%
Queens Park Strangers 0v0T Willy
Ansell May3v3Disney Glamour Boys
Shisa Boys3v2Acutt F.C
Mayville Court5v1Brazilians F.C
Queens Park Strangers 3v1Shepstone House
Wakesleigh F.C0v1T Willy
100%0v1Disney Glamour Boys
Glenwood F.C4v1Victoria F.C
Disney Glamour Boys6v0Shepstone House
100%2v1Glenwood F.C
Shisa Boys2v0Brazilians F.C
Queens Park Strangers 3v1Wakesleigh F.C
Ansell May0v1Glenwood F.C
Mayville Court4v1Victoria F.C
T Willy 4v1Acutt F.C
Apsara6v1Tiger Boys
Ansell May2v1Apsara
Shepstone House1v1Glenwood F.C
Wakesleigh F.C2v1Acutt F.C
Mayville Court3v0Tiger Boys
Shisa Boys2v0Victoria F.C
T Willy 5v1Brazilians F.C
Queens Park Strangers 3v1Disney Glamour Boys
100%4v2T Willy
Mayville Court3v1Ansell May
Tiger Boys 0v1Shisa Boys
Ansell May3v2Shisa Boys
Shepstone House3v5Apsara
Wakesleigh F.C2v3Brazilians F.C
Glenwood F.C2v4Disney Glamour Boys
Acutt F.C3v0Queens Park Strangers
Tiger Boys 3v4T Willy
Apsara3v3Disney Glamour Boys
Queens Park Strangers 3v2Glenwood F.C
Wakesleigh F.C5v1Victoria F.C
100%2v1Mayville Court
Acutt F.C5v1Brazilians F.C
T Willy 3v0Victoria F.C
Apsara1v0Glenwood F.C
Mayville Court3v0Shepstone House
Ansell May3v2T Willy
Acutt F.C3v2Victoria F.C
Brazilians F.C0v2Queens Park Strangers
100%3v1Shisa Boys
Tiger Boys 4v3Wakesleigh F.C
Acutt F.C5v2Tiger Boys
Wakesleigh F.C6v0Ansell May
Queens Park Strangers 3v2Victoria F.C
Queens Park Strangers 3v1Apsara
100%4v1Wakesleigh F.C
Mayville Court1v1Disney Glamour Boys
Acutt F.C2v0Ansell May
Shepstone House4v3Shisa Boys
Tiger Boys 4v0Brazilians F.C
Mayville Court5v1Glenwood F.C
Brazilians F.C2v1Victoria F.C
Shisa Boys3v4Disney Glamour Boys
Shepstone House3v2T Willy
Brazilians F.C1v0Ansell May
Wakesleigh F.C2v0Shepstone House
Shisa Boys1v1Glenwood F.C
T Willy 3v4Disney Glamour Boys
Tiger Boys 4v2Victoria F.C
Mayville Court3v0Apsara
100%2v1Acutt F.C

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