Under 9

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Newton Afc 770077235421
2Connahs quay tigers 760175225318
3Hawarden rangers jets 751166343216
4Buckley town vipers 740373304312
5Elesmere port greens 731350401010
6Hawarden rangers hawks 73045939209
7Elesmere port blues 73044050-109
8Deeside dragons under 8s73043651-159
9Aston park rangers 73043560-259
10Hawker jets 72053469-356
11Blacon youth 72052982-536
12Blacon youth spiders 70071892-740

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Elesmere port blues 5v6Hawker jets
Blacon youth 4v15Newton Afc
Blacon youth spiders 3v7Aston park rangers
Elesmere port greens 9v8Buckley town vipers
Hawarden rangers hawks 5v8Connahs quay tigers
Hawarden rangers jets 11v5Deeside dragons under 8s
Newton Afc 11v3Deeside dragons under 8s
Hawarden rangers hawks 8v10Hawarden rangers jets
Connahs quay tigers 3v0Elesmere port greens
Blacon youth spiders 6v12Hawker jets
Elesmere port blues 7v4Buckley town vipers
Aston park rangers 4v5Blacon youth
Newton Afc 15v2Aston park rangers
Blacon youth 10v5Hawker jets
Connahs quay tigers 13v3Elesmere port blues
Buckley town vipers 15v1Blacon youth spiders
Hawarden rangers jets 6v6Elesmere port greens
Hawarden rangers hawks 7v3Deeside dragons under 8s
Hawarden rangers hawks 5v11Elesmere port greens
Connahs quay tigers 15v3Blacon youth spiders
Newton Afc 15v1Hawker jets
Aston park rangers 8v4Deeside dragons under 8s
Blacon youth 4v15Buckley town vipers
Elesmere port blues 3v7Hawarden rangers jets
Blacon youth 2v15Connahs quay tigers
Newton Afc 6v3Buckley town vipers
Hawarden rangers hawks 4v6Elesmere port blues
Aston park rangers 10v3Hawker jets
Hawarden rangers jets 15v1Blacon youth spiders
Elesmere port greens 2v4Deeside dragons under 8s
Hawarden rangers hawks 15v1Blacon youth spiders
Buckley town vipers 15v3Aston park rangers
Hawarden rangers jets 13v4Blacon youth
Newton Afc 8v6Connahs quay tigers
Elesmere port blues 11v9Elesmere port greens
Hawker jets 7v10Deeside dragons under 8s
Blacon youth spiders 3v13Elesmere port greens
Buckley town vipers 13v0Hawker jets
Hawarden rangers jets 4v7Newton Afc
Connahs quay tigers 15v1Aston park rangers
Elesmere port blues 5v7Deeside dragons under 8s
Hawarden rangers hawks 15v0Blacon youth

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