Under 16 academy 2015-2016

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Rhyl 14130180275339
2Gap Connahs quay nomads 14121160204037
3Bangor city 14110368412733
4Flint town United 1490555361927
5Llandudno town 1481549381125
6The new saints 1473455411424
7Newtown Afc 147165449522
8Conwy borough 146264356-1320
9CPD Porthmadog 145273455-2117
10Cefn Druids 145094052-1215
11Prestatyn town 144193752-1513
12Caernarfon town 143294051-1111
13Bala town 143293875-3711
14Airbus uk Broughton 132382647-219
15Colwyn bay 130013039-390

Viewed 1659 times

Airbus uk Broughton 1v1The new saints
Caernarfon town 0v4Conwy borough
Newtown Afc 3v7Bala town
Cefn Druids 3v0Colwyn bay
Bala town 2v8The new saints
Cefn Druids 3v5Prestatyn town
Gap Connahs quay nomads 2v0Llandudno town
Caernarfon town 5v3CPD Porthmadog
Flint town United 3v0Colwyn bay
Bangor city 3v0Airbus uk Broughton
Bangor city 5v4The new saints
CPD Porthmadog 4v2Prestatyn town
Rhyl 3v0Airbus uk Broughton
Rhyl 7v4Llandudno town
Gap Connahs quay nomads 2v1Flint town United
Conwy borough 7v3Newtown Afc
Bala town 1v8Caernarfon town
The new saints 10v1CPD Porthmadog
Bangor city 6v4Prestatyn town
Cefn Druids 3v0Airbus uk Broughton
Rhyl 3v0Colwyn bay
Llandudno town 5v1Flint town United
Rhyl 3v4Flint town United
Bangor city 9v1Cefn Druids
The new saints 3v2Prestatyn town
Bala town 1v2CPD Porthmadog
Caernarfon town 3v3Newtown Afc
CPD Porthmadog 3v11Newtown Afc
Prestatyn town 4v4Bala town
The new saints 5v3Cefn Druids
Bangor city 3v0Colwyn bay
Flint town United 3v0Airbus uk Broughton
Rhyl 4v1Gap Connahs quay nomads
Conwy borough 5v4Cefn Druids
Airbus uk Broughton 4v4Gap Connahs quay nomads
Bangor city 7v6Flint town United
Cefn Druids 6v3Bala town
Prestatyn town 0v4Newtown Afc
The new saints 3v0Colwyn bay
Conwy borough 2v4Prestatyn town
Newtown Afc 4v2Cefn Druids
Colwyn bay 0v3Bala town
The new saints 5v3Flint town United
Gap Connahs quay nomads 6v3Bangor city
Llandudno town 5v3Airbus uk Broughton
Llandudno town 5v1Bangor city
Gap Connahs quay nomads 5v2The new saints
Flint town United 11v2Bala town
Newtown Afc 3v0Colwyn bay
Prestatyn town 5v1Caernarfon town
Cefn Druids 3v1Caernarfon town
Conwy borough 4v4CPD Porthmadog
Conwy borough 3v0Colwyn bay
Flint town United 4v1Newtown Afc
Gap Connahs quay nomads 6v0Bala town
Llandudno town 2v4The new saints
Rhyl 6v4Bangor city
Rhyl 7v2The new saints
Bala town 3v3Llandudno town
Gap Connahs quay nomads 3v1Newtown Afc
Flint town United 5v1Conwy borough
CPD Porthmadog 3v2Cefn Druids
Colwyn bay 0v3Caernarfon town
Colwyn bay 0v3CPD Porthmadog
Flint town United 4v3Caernarfon town
Gap Connahs quay nomads 7v0Conwy borough
Newtown Afc 4v3Llandudno town
Bala town 0v14Rhyl
Bala town 7v1Airbus uk Broughton
Newtown Afc 2v4Rhyl
Conwy borough 2v6Llandudno town
Gap Connahs quay nomads 3v1Caernarfon town
Flint town United 4v2CPD Porthmadog
Colwyn bay 0v3Prestatyn town
Flint town United 4v1Prestatyn town
Gap Connahs quay nomads 6v2CPD Porthmadog
Llandudno town 5v3Caernarfon town
Rhyl 7v2Conwy borough
Newtown Afc 7v3Airbus uk Broughton
Bangor city 3v1Bala town
Bangor city 8v4Newtown Afc
Conwy borough 5v3Airbus uk Broughton
Caernarfon town 3v5Rhyl
Llandudno town 2v4CPD Porthmadog
Gap Connahs quay nomads 6v1Prestatyn town
Flint town United 2v4Cefn Druids
Gap Connahs quay nomads 6v1Cefn Druids
Llandudno town 2v1Prestatyn town
Rhyl 4v0CPD Porthmadog
Airbus uk Broughton 4v2Caernarfon town
Bangor city 7v0Conwy borough
Newtown Afc 4v2The new saints
Conwy borough 2v2The new saints
Caernarfon town 3v7Bangor city
Airbus uk Broughton 2v2CPD Porthmadog
Prestatyn town 3v8Rhyl
Llandudno town 4v3Cefn Druids
Gap Connahs quay nomads 3v0Colwyn bay
Llandudno town 3v0Colwyn bay
Rhyl 5v2Cefn Druids
Airbus uk Broughton 5v2Prestatyn town
Bangor city 2v1CPD Porthmadog
The new saints 4v4Caernarfon town
Conwy borough 6v4Bala town

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