Under 16

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Airbus uk Broughton 14121164352937
2Llandudno town 14103170294133
3The new saints 14110361273433
4Bangor city 1492362323029
5Rhyl 1491452391328
6Cefn Druids 1491449361328
7Conwy borough 1483351391227
8Gap connahs quay 1470756431321
9Colwyn bay 146355850821
10Caernarfon town 145273443-917
11Prestatyn town 1440102663-3712
12Bala town 1430112957-289
13Flint town united 1420121660-446
14Newtown 141112743-364
15CPD Porthmadog 140113140-391

Viewed 1350 times

Rhyl 3v2Bala town
The new saints 5v1Conwy borough
Llandudno town 5v1Caernarfon town
Prestatyn town 1v0Flint town united
Newtown 1v1CPD Porthmadog
Rhyl 5v3Gap connahs quay
Cefn Druids 8v2Flint town united
Prestatyn town 3v0Newtown
Bangor city 9v4Colwyn bay
Airbus uk Broughton 5v3The new saints
Llandudno town 3v3Conwy borough
Flint town united 3v0CPD Porthmadog
Colwyn bay 7v2Prestatyn town
The new saints 3v0Newtown
Conwy borough 2v6Rhyl
Bala town 2v8Caernarfon town
Newtown 0v3Caernarfon town
CPD Porthmadog 0v3Bala town
Bangor city 1v4The new saints
Llandudno town 0v2Cefn Druids
Colwyn bay 6v6Airbus uk Broughton
Conwy borough 4v2Gap connahs quay
Rhyl 5v0Flint town united
Gap connahs quay 12v0Prestatyn town
Conwy borough 2v5Airbus uk Broughton
Colwyn bay 1v5Cefn Druids
The new saints 4v5Llandudno town
Bala town 1v4Bangor city
CPD Porthmadog 0v3Caernarfon town
Bangor city 3v0Newtown
Llandudno town 4v1Bala town
Colwyn bay 3v6The new saints
Cefn Druids 3v3Conwy borough
Airbus uk Broughton 5v1Prestatyn town
Llandudno town 3v0Newtown
Gap connahs quay 2v0Flint town united
Rhyl 3v5Airbus uk Broughton
Cefn Druids 3v5Prestatyn town
Bala town 3v8Colwyn bay
Caernarfon town 3v3Bangor city
Bangor city 3v0CPD Porthmadog
Colwyn bay 3v0Newtown
Conwy borough 6v4Bala town
The new saints 5v1Prestatyn town
Rhyl 5v3Cefn Druids
Airbus uk Broughton 6v3Flint town united
Airbus uk Broughton 5v4Gap connahs quay
The new saints 7v3Rhyl
Bala town 6v3Prestatyn town
Newtown 0v3Conwy borough
Caernarfon town 2v6Colwyn bay
CPD Porthmadog 0v3Llandudno town
Llandudno town 5v5Bangor city
Colwyn bay 3v0CPD Porthmadog
Conwy borough 3v3Caernarfon town
Flint town united 0v3The new saints
Gap connahs quay 2v4Cefn Druids
Airbus uk Broughton 7v3Cefn Druids
Gap connahs quay 1v3The new saints
Flint town united 1v3Bala town
Newtown 0v3Rhyl
Caernarfon town 2v1Prestatyn town
CPD Porthmadog 0v3Conwy borough
Colwyn bay 4v4Llandudno town
Conwy borough 6v4Bangor city
Prestatyn town 3v0CPD Porthmadog
Rhyl 2v0Caernarfon town
Flint town united 3v0Newtown
Gap connahs quay 8v4Bala town
Gap connahs quay 4v1Newtown
Caernarfon town 5v1Flint town united
Bangor city 4v2Prestatyn town
The new saints 3v4Cefn Druids
Bala town 0v3Airbus uk Broughton
CPD Porthmadog 0v3Rhyl
Conwy borough 4v2Colwyn bay
Prestatyn town 2v6Llandudno town
Rhyl 1v5Bangor city
Gap connahs quay 4v1Caernarfon town
Airbus uk Broughton 7v1Newtown
Cefn Druids 3v0Bala town
Bala town 0v3The new saints
Newtown 1v4Cefn Druids
Caernarfon town 0v4Airbus uk Broughton
CPD Porthmadog 0v3Gap connahs quay
Bangor city 6v1Flint town united
Llandudno town 7v3Rhyl
Prestatyn town 0v6Conwy borough
Rhyl 3v3Colwyn bay
Flint town united 0v10Llandudno town
Gap connahs quay 2v7Bangor city
Airbus uk Broughton 3v0CPD Porthmadog
Cefn Druids 3v0Caernarfon town
Newtown 3v0Bala town
Caernarfon town 3v9The new saints
CPD Porthmadog 0v3Cefn Druids
Bangor city 1v2Airbus uk Broughton
Llandudno town 7v3Gap connahs quay
Colwyn bay 6v0Flint town united
Rhyl 7v2Prestatyn town
Flint town united 2v5Conwy borough
Gap connahs quay 6v2Colwyn bay
Airbus uk Broughton 1v8Llandudno town
Cefn Druids 1v7Bangor city
The new saints 3v0CPD Porthmadog

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