Under 11's Pool A

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Tickhill Juniors 76103192219
2Warmsworth Lions741227151213
3Armthorpe Rovers 740344251912
4Sprotbrough Crusaders 74032527-212
5Carcoft Village 73132232-1010
6Finningley Harriers62042830-26
7Barnby Dun Rovers61141530-154
8Bawtry JFC71061741-243

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Bawtry JFC1v4Tickhill Juniors
Finningley Harriers7v3Carcoft Village
Barnby Dun Rovers0v9Sprotbrough Crusaders
Armthorpe Rovers 4v6Warmsworth Lions
Warmsworth Lions6v1Sprotbrough Crusaders
Bawtry JFC2v7Warmsworth Lions
Tickhill Juniors 6v1Armthorpe Rovers
Carcoft Village 1v3Sprotbrough Crusaders
Tickhill Juniors 7v2Sprotbrough Crusaders
Bawtry JFC3v8Barnby Dun Rovers
Armthorpe Rovers 13v1Carcoft Village
Finningley Harriers1v5Warmsworth Lions
Warmsworth Lions0v2Tickhill Juniors
Sprotbrough Crusaders 3v9Finningley Harriers
Carcoft Village 6v2Bawtry JFC
Barnby Dun Rovers2v7Armthorpe Rovers
Warmsworth Lions2v4Carcoft Village
Tickhill Juniors 5v1Barnby Dun Rovers
Sprotbrough Crusaders 4v2Bawtry JFC
Armthorpe Rovers 8v6Finningley Harriers
Warmsworth Lions1v1Barnby Dun Rovers
Sprotbrough Crusaders 3v2Armthorpe Rovers
Finningley Harriers3v6Bawtry JFC
Carcoft Village 2v2Tickhill Juniors
Tickhill Juniors 5v2Finningley Harriers
Carcoft Village 5v3Barnby Dun Rovers
Armthorpe Rovers 9v1Bawtry JFC

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