Under 10 - oct 17-Jan 18

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1The New Saints U10s 981072333925
2Bod United 980192464624
3Airbus UK Broughton U10961257421519
4Saughall Colts 105145554116
5Elesmere Port 102083862-246
6Brickfield Rangers 101182875-474
7Flint Town United Juniors 91081949-303

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Elesmere Port 0v3Airbus UK Broughton U10
Brickfield Rangers 3v3The New Saints U10s
Saughall Colts 5v7Bod United
Bod United 3v0Flint Town United Juniors
Elesmere Port 9v5Brickfield Rangers
Airbus UK Broughton U107v7Saughall Colts
Brickfield Rangers 4v10Saughall Colts
Airbus UK Broughton U103v0Flint Town United Juniors
The New Saints U10s 8v7Elesmere Port
Bod United 10v4Brickfield Rangers
The New Saints U10s 3v0Flint Town United Juniors
Saughall Colts 3v0Elesmere Port
Bod United 7v12The New Saints U10s
Airbus UK Broughton U108v5Brickfield Rangers
Elesmere Port 3v0Flint Town United Juniors
The New Saints U10s 7v6Airbus UK Broughton U10
Bod United 14v7Elesmere Port
Saughall Colts 3v0Flint Town United Juniors
The New Saints U10s 10v1Brickfield Rangers
Bod United 10v6Saughall Colts
Airbus UK Broughton U108v2Elesmere Port
Airbus UK Broughton U1010v4Saughall Colts
Bod United 15v6Flint Town United Juniors
Brickfield Rangers 3v0Elesmere Port
The New Saints U10s 10v3Elesmere Port
Airbus UK Broughton U107v5Flint Town United Juniors
Saughall Colts 8v2Brickfield Rangers
Airbus UK Broughton U105v12Bod United
The New Saints U10s 7v1Saughall Colts
Flint Town United Juniors 3v0Brickfield Rangers
Bod United 14v1Brickfield Rangers
Saughall Colts 8v7Elesmere Port
The New Saints U10s 12v5Flint Town United Juniors

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