Under 10

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Blacon thistle 651060213916
2Gap Connahs quay nomads u9650167155215
3Hawarden rangers 650134171715
4Aston park rangers 641152223013
5Vauxhall motors 640249262312
6Prestatyn rangers 53024724239
7Mold Alex 52122438-147
8Deeside dragons greens 62133253-217
9Deeside dragons blacks 60242956-272
10Brickfield rangers colts 60241051-412
11Holywell town 60153672-361
12Brickfield rangers jets 60151257-451

Viewed 873 times

Hawarden rangers 3v0Brickfield rangers colts
Gap Connahs quay nomads u93v0Brickfield rangers jets
Aston park rangers 5v5Blacon thistle
Holywell town 10v10Deeside dragons blacks
Vauxhall motors 15v2Deeside dragons greens
Aston park rangers 15v2Deeside dragons blacks
Deeside dragons greens 12v6Holywell town
Hawarden rangers 3v0Vauxhall motors
Blacon thistle 12v1Mold Alex
Brickfield rangers jets 2v13Prestatyn rangers
Brickfield rangers colts 0v15Gap Connahs quay nomads u9
Mold Alex 8v2Brickfield rangers jets
Gap Connahs quay nomads u918v1Vauxhall motors
Prestatyn rangers 15v2Brickfield rangers colts
Hawarden rangers 11v4Holywell town
Blacon thistle 10v5Deeside dragons blacks
Aston park rangers 15v2Deeside dragons greens
Gap Connahs quay nomads u915v3Holywell town
Brickfield rangers colts 3v3Mold Alex
Brickfield rangers jets 4v14Blacon thistle
Deeside dragons greens 3v3Deeside dragons blacks
Hawarden rangers 3v0Aston park rangers
Prestatyn rangers 0v3Vauxhall motors
Brickfield rangers colts 4v4Brickfield rangers jets
Prestatyn rangers 15v7Holywell town
Vauxhall motors 15v3Mold Alex
Aston park rangers 7v6Gap Connahs quay nomads u9
Deeside dragons blacks 5v8Blacon thistle
Deeside dragons greens 7v5Hawarden rangers
Aston park rangers 10v4Prestatyn rangers
Hawarden rangers 9v6Deeside dragons greens
Gap Connahs quay nomads u910v4Deeside dragons blacks
Mold Alex 9v6Holywell town
Brickfield rangers colts 1v11Blacon thistle
Brickfield rangers jets 0v15Vauxhall motors

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