Un-named table

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Victory b990034112318
2Ex service club960329161312
3Cross Keys 85032317610
4Liberal club 95042421310
5Victory d82061426-124
6Major oak 92071530-154
7Inn for a penny81071129-182

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Major oak 0v5Victory b
Victory d3v2Liberal club
Inn for a penny1v4Ex service club
Cross Keys 5v0Inn for a penny
Ex service club4v1Major oak
Victory b3v2Liberal club
Cross Keys 4v1Major oak
Liberal club 3v2Ex service club
Victory d0v5Victory b
Liberal club 3v2Inn for a penny
Ex service club4v1Cross Keys
Major oak 3v2Victory d
Victory d1v4Ex service club
Inn for a penny2v3Major oak
Cross Keys 2v3Victory b
Liberal club 2v3Cross Keys
Inn for a penny2v3Victory d
Victory b3v2Ex service club
Victory d2v3Cross Keys
Major oak 2v3Liberal club
Inn for a penny1v4Victory b
Ex service club5v0Inn for a penny
Liberal club 4v1Victory d
Victory b4v1Major oak
Inn for a penny3v2Cross Keys
Major oak 2v3Ex service club
Liberal club 1v4Victory b
Victory b3v2Victory d
Cross Keys 3v2Major oak
Ex service club1v4Liberal club

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