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Nigeria National League
Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Heartland FC26164630181252
2Bayelsa Utd FC2613762518746
3Go Round FC26142102619744
4Crown FC26134931201143
5Delta Force FC2613492318543
6Gateway Utd FC2612592626041
7Osun Utd FC2611692421339
8Bendel Insurance FC26113122726136
9Abia Comets FC2697102020034
10Papilo FC2681082021-134
11Akwa Starlets FC2696112322133
12Warri Wolves FC2696112425-133
13Ikorodu Utd FC2695122021-132
14Nnewi Utd FC2694132532-731
15AS Racines 2678113137-629
16Unicem Rovers FC2677121623-728
17First Bank FC2677122134-1328
18My Peoples FC2659122031-1124

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Unicem Rovers FC2v0Gateway Utd FC
Bayelsa Utd FC1v1Crown FC
Warri Wolves FC3v2Bendel Insurance FC
Papilo FC1v0Go Round FC
AS Racines 2v1Delta Force FC
Osun Utd FC3v1Heartland FC
My Peoples FC0v0Ikorodu Utd FC
Akwa Starlets FC1v0First Bank FC
Abia Comets FC1v0Nnewi Utd FC
First Bank FC1v0AS Racines
Delta Force FC1v1Bayelsa Utd FC
Heartland FC1v0Papilo FC
Ikorodu Utd FC2v0Osun Utd FC
Nnewi Utd FC1v0Akwa Starlets FC
Gateway Utd FC1v0Abia Comets FC
Go Round FC2v0Unicem Rovers FC
Crown FC3v0Bendel Insurance FC
My Peoples FC3v0Warri Wolves FC
Unicem Rovers FC0v0Heartland FC
Warri Wolves FC1v0Crown FC
Bayelsa Utd FC2v0First Bank FC
Papilo FC0v0Ikorodu Utd FC
Akwa Starlets FC2v0Gateway Utd FC
Osun Utd FC2v1My Peoples FC
Abia Comets FC2v1Go Round FC
Bendel Insurance FC2v0Delta Force FC
AS Racines 3v0Nnewi Utd FC
First Bank FC2v0Bendel Insurance FC
My Peoples FC1v1Papilo FC
Heartland FC1v0Abia Comets FC
Ikorodu Utd FC2v0Unicem Rovers FC
Delta Force FC2v0Crown FC
Osun Utd FC1v0Warri Wolves FC
Unicem Rovers FC1v1My Peoples FC
Gateway Utd FC1v0AS Racines
Go Round FC1v0Akwa Starlets FC
Nnewi Utd FC0v1Bayelsa Utd FC
Bayelsa Utd FC2v1Gateway Utd FC
Warri Wolves FC3v0Delta Force FC
Abia Comets FC1v0Ikorodu Utd FC
AS Racines 3v1Go Round FC
Papilo FC2v1Osun Utd FC
Akwa Starlets FC1v2Heartland FC
Bendel Insurance FC1v0Nnewi Utd FC
Crown FC2v0First Bank FC
Osun Utd FC1v0Unicem Rovers FC
Ikorodu Utd FC2v0Akwa Starlets FC
Heartland FC2v1AS Racines
First Bank FC1v3Delta Force FC
Nnewi Utd FC3v1Crown FC
Gateway Utd FC2v1Bendel Insurance FC
Go Round FC1v0Bayelsa Utd FC
My Peoples FC1v1Abia Comets FC
Papilo FC2v1Warri Wolves FC
Akwa Starlets FC2v1My Peoples FC
Unicem Rovers FC0v0Papilo FC
Delta Force FC2v0Nnewi Utd FC
Bayelsa Utd FC2v0Heartland FC
Abia Comets FC0v0Osun Utd FC
Warri Wolves FC0v0First Bank FC
Crown FC3v0Gateway Utd FC
AS Racines 0v1Ikorodu Utd FC
Bendel Insurance FC2v0Go Round FC
Papilo FC2v0Abia Comets FC
My Peoples FC1v1AS Racines
Unicem Rovers FC1v1Warri Wolves FC
Ikorodu Utd FC1v0Bayelsa Utd FC
Go Round FC1v0Crown FC
Gateway Utd FC2v0Delta Force FC
Osun Utd FC0v0Akwa Starlets FC
Heartland FC1v0Bendel Insurance FC
Nnewi Utd FC3v0First Bank FC
Abia Comets FC3v0Unicem Rovers FC
Akwa Starlets FC2v0Papilo FC
AS Racines 1v1Osun Utd FC
Bayelsa Utd FC2v0My Peoples FC
Bendel Insurance FC2v0Ikorodu Utd FC
Crown FC0v0Heartland FC
Delta Force FC1v0Go Round FC
First Bank FC3v1Gateway Utd FC
Warri Wolves FC2v0Nnewi Utd FC
Unicem Rovers FC1v0Abia Comets FC
Papilo FC1v0Akwa Starlets FC
Osun Utd FC3v1AS Racines
My Peoples FC1v0Bayelsa Utd FC
Ikorodu Utd FC1v0Bendel Insurance FC
Heartland FC1v0Crown FC
Go Round FC2v0Delta Force FC
Gateway Utd FC3v0First Bank FC
Nnewi Utd FC2v0Warri Wolves FC
Heartland FC2v1First Bank FC
First Bank FC1v1Nnewi Utd FC
Delta Force FC2v0Gateway Utd FC
Crown FC1v0Go Round FC
Bendel Insurance FC1v0Heartland FC
Bayelsa Utd FC1v0Ikorodu Utd FC
AS Racines 1v1My Peoples FC
Abia Comets FC0v0Papilo FC
Akwa Starlets FC1v0Osun Utd FC
Warri Wolves FC1v0Unicem Rovers FC
Papilo FC1v0Unicem Rovers FC
Osun Utd FC1v0Abia Comets FC
My Peoples FC2v1Akwa Starlets FC
Ikorodu Utd FC2v3AS Racines
Heartland FC3v1Bayelsa Utd FC
Go Round FC1v0Bendel Insurance FC
Gateway Utd FC1v0Crown FC
Nnewi Utd FC1v0Delta Force FC
First Bank FC0v0Warri Wolves FC
Delta Force FC1v0First Bank FC
Crown FC4v1Nnewi Utd FC
Bendel Insurance FC2v0Gateway Utd FC
Bayelsa Utd FC0v0Go Round FC
AS Racines 2v1Heartland FC
Akwa Starlets FC2v0Ikorodu Utd FC
Abia Comets FC2v0My Peoples FC
Unicem Rovers FC2v0Osun Utd FC
Warri Wolves FC3v0Papilo FC
Osun Utd FC0v0Papilo FC
My Peoples FC1v1Unicem Rovers FC
Ikorodu Utd FC1v0Abia Comets FC
Heartland FC2v0Akwa Starlets FC
Go Round FC1v0AS Racines
Gateway Utd FC1v1Bayelsa Utd FC
Nnewi Utd FC2v1Bendel Insurance FC
First Bank FC1v1Crown FC
Delta Force FC1v0Warri Wolves FC
Crown FC2v1Delta Force FC
Bendel Insurance FC2v0First Bank FC
Bayelsa Utd FC1v0Nnewi Utd FC
AS Racines 1v1Gateway Utd FC
Akwa Starlets FC2v1Go Round FC
Abia Comets FC1v3Heartland FC
Unicem Rovers FC0v0Ikorodu Utd FC
Papilo FC1v0My Peoples FC
Warri Wolves FC1v0Osun Utd FC
My Peoples FC1v1Osun Utd FC
Ikorodu Utd FC1v0Papilo FC
Heartland FC1v0Unicem Rovers FC
Go Round FC2v0Abia Comets FC
Gateway Utd FC2v0Akwa Starlets FC
Nnewi Utd FC1v0AS Racines
First Bank FC1v0Bayelsa Utd FC
Delta Force FC1v0Bendel Insurance FC
Crown FC2v0Warri Wolves FC
Bendel Insurance FC3v0Crown FC
Bayelsa Utd FC1v0Delta Force FC
AS Racines 3v3First Bank FC
Akwa Starlets FC1v1Nnewi Utd FC
Abia Comets FC1v0Gateway Utd FC
Unicem Rovers FC1v0Go Round FC
Papilo FC1v1Heartland FC
Osun Utd FC1v0Ikorodu Utd FC
Warri Wolves FC1v0My Peoples FC
Ikorodu Utd FC2v0My Peoples FC
Heartland FC2v0Osun Utd FC
Go Round FC3v1Papilo FC
Gateway Utd FC2v1Unicem Rovers FC
Nnewi Utd FC2v2Abia Comets FC
First Bank FC1v0Akwa Starlets FC
Crown FC3v0Bayelsa Utd FC
Delta Force FC2v0AS Racines
Bendel Insurance FC1v1Warri Wolves FC
Bayelsa Utd FC1v1Bendel Insurance FC
AS Racines 1v3Crown FC
Abia Comets FC2v0First Bank FC
Akwa Starlets FC0v0Delta Force FC
Unicem Rovers FC3v1Nnewi Utd FC
Papilo FC0v0Gateway Utd FC
Osun Utd FC2v1Go Round FC
My Peoples FC0v1Heartland FC
Warri Wolves FC2v1Ikorodu Utd FC
Akwa Starlets FC3v1Bendel Insurance FC
Heartland FC1v0Ikorodu Utd FC
Go Round FC2v0My Peoples FC
Nnewi Utd FC2v1Papilo FC
Gateway Utd FC2v1Osun Utd FC
First Bank FC2v0Unicem Rovers FC
Delta Force FC0v0Abia Comets FC
Crown FC1v0Akwa Starlets FC
Bendel Insurance FC1v1AS Racines
Bayelsa Utd FC2v1Warri Wolves FC
AS Racines 1v1Bayelsa Utd FC
Abia Comets FC1v0Crown FC
Unicem Rovers FC0v1Delta Force FC
Papilo FC3v0First Bank FC
Osun Utd FC2v0Nnewi Utd FC
My Peoples FC1v0Gateway Utd FC
Ikorodu Utd FC2v2Go Round FC
Warri Wolves FC1v2Heartland FC
Go Round FC1v0Heartland FC
Gateway Utd FC2v1Ikorodu Utd FC
Nnewi Utd FC3v1My Peoples FC
First Bank FC1v1Osun Utd FC
Delta Force FC0v0Papilo FC
Crown FC1v0Unicem Rovers FC
Bendel Insurance FC1v0Abia Comets FC
Bayelsa Utd FC2v1Akwa Starlets FC
AS Racines 2v1Warri Wolves FC
Akwa Starlets FC3v0AS Racines
Abia Comets FC0v0Bayelsa Utd FC
Unicem Rovers FC1v0Bendel Insurance FC
Papilo FC1v1Crown FC
Osun Utd FC1v0Delta Force FC
My Peoples FC2v2First Bank FC
Ikorodu Utd FC1v1Nnewi Utd FC
Heartland FC1v1Gateway Utd FC
Warri Wolves FC0v1Go Round FC
Gateway Utd FC1v0Go Round FC
Nnewi Utd FC0v1Heartland FC
First Bank FC1v0Ikorodu Utd FC
Delta Force FC2v0My Peoples FC
Crown FC1v0Osun Utd FC
Bendel Insurance FC2v1Papilo FC
Bayelsa Utd FC1v0Unicem Rovers FC
AS Racines 3v2Abia Comets FC
Akwa Starlets FC0v0Warri Wolves FC
Abia Comets FC0v0Akwa Starlets FC
Unicem Rovers FC1v0AS Racines
Papilo FC0v1Bayelsa Utd FC
Osun Utd FC2v0Bendel Insurance FC
My Peoples FC1v0Crown FC
Ikorodu Utd FC0v1Delta Force FC
Go Round FC1v0Nnewi Utd FC
Warri Wolves FC1v1Gateway Utd FC
Nnewi Utd FC0v1Gateway Utd FC
First Bank FC0v1Go Round FC
Delta Force FC1v0Heartland FC
Crown FC1v0Ikorodu Utd FC
Bendel Insurance FC1v0My Peoples FC
Bayelsa Utd FC1v0Osun Utd FC
Akwa Starlets FC1v1Unicem Rovers FC
Abia Comets FC1v0Warri Wolves FC
AS Racines 1v1Papilo FC

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