Un-named table

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Monako F.C 11006333
2Amakhobo F.C 11002023
3Gleneagles F.C 11002113
4Kambuzuma FDC 11001013
5AFM F.C 11001013
6Westwood Strikers 10101101
7PP Rangers 10101101
8Zaoga F.C 00000000
9Warriors F.C 00000000
10CSF United 00000000
11Hamblers F.C 00000000
12Dindingwe F.C 100112-10
13Real Stars F.C 100101-10
14Molefe F.C 100101-10
15Ringmer Rovers F.S 100102-20
16Mupa 35 F.C 100136-30

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PP Rangers 1v1Westwood Strikers
Monako F.C 6v3Mupa 35 F.C
Kambuzuma FDC 1v0Molefe F.C
Dindingwe F.C 1v2Gleneagles F.C
Amakhobo F.C 2v0Ringmer Rovers F.S
AFM F.C 1v0Real Stars F.C

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