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Northborough Snooker
Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Les Carter15130284259324913
2Colin Pummel15120394653441212
3John Hall15110482459922511
4Mick Henfrey15100580060819210
5Neil Strachan15100575456518910
6Graham Lucas159068776312469
7Ian Bird14905606704-989
8Paul Field15807717664538
9Mick Newsome1560972772166
10Pete Wright14608604686-826
11Pete Rice15609668804-1366
12Andy Garford155010662825-1635
13Rich Warren155010534840-3065
14Dave Tod154011603790-1874
15Paul Kirk153012569774-2053
16Ray White152013544939-3952

Viewed 855 times

Paul Kirk66v34Dave Tod
Paul Kirk46v58Mick Henfrey
Paul Kirk59v6Rich Warren
Neil Strachan36v80Colin Pummel
Graham Lucas58v35Colin Pummel
John Hall29v70Colin Pummel
Neil Strachan35v47Paul Field
Neil Strachan47v42John Hall
Neil Strachan41v70Graham Lucas
Neil Strachan67v21Ray White
Pete Rice47v57Colin Pummel
Pete Rice55v48Dave Tod
Paul Field35v62Les Carter
Paul Field55v39Rich Warren
Dave Tod31v58Pete Wright
Mick Newsome42v76Pete Wright
Mick Henfrey63v51Pete Rice
Paul Field82v39Pete Rice
Mick Newsome51v21Paul Field
Ian Bird43v42Dave Tod
Ian Bird30v73Mick Newsome
Ian Bird57v48Mick Henfrey
Ian Bird26v66Colin Pummel
Dave Tod46v44Colin Pummel
Mick Newsome39v41Colin Pummel
Pete Wright28v48Les Carter
Pete Wright25v49Neil Strachan
Rich Warren24v72John Hall
Ray White49v82Graham Lucas
John Hall84v23Andy Garford
Rich Warren60v43Ray White
Andy Garford57v50Paul Kirk
Rich Warren24v70Graham Lucas
Ray White40v80John Hall
Mick Henfrey72v33Pete Wright
Les Carter37v46Ian Bird
Rich Warren40v28Mick Newsome
Andy Garford47v72Mick Newsome
Mick Henfrey61v43Mick Newsome
John Hall71v37Ian Bird
Paul Kirk28v76Ian Bird
Paul Kirk49v56John Hall
Paul Kirk8v78Graham Lucas
Ian Bird58v53Graham Lucas
Andy Garford32v81Graham Lucas
Pete Rice22v79Les Carter
Pete Rice26v70John Hall
Pete Rice54v32Graham Lucas
Mick Henfrey51v28Paul Field
Mick Henfrey25v45Colin Pummel
Mick Henfrey68v20Ray White
Andy Garford54v43Paul Field
Ray White29v83Colin Pummel
Pete Rice33v53Paul Kirk
Pete Wright68v57Ray White
Pete Wright62v48Pete Rice
Ray White44v23Paul Kirk
Dave Tod33v66Les Carter
Mick Newsome54v37Neil Strachan
Mick Newsome73v29Paul Kirk
Neil Strachan52v37Paul Kirk
Les Carter42v41Paul Kirk
Les Carter52v19Neil Strachan
Paul Field51v31John Hall
Paul Field54v25Graham Lucas
Dave Tod43v76Graham Lucas
Dave Tod42v57John Hall
Dave Tod64v38Paul Field
Les Carter76v51Rich Warren
Andy Garford45v48Rich Warren
Andy Garford42v69Colin Pummel
Rich Warren16v80Colin Pummel
Les Carter68v62Colin Pummel
Dave Tod64v28Ray White
Pete Rice62v37Mick Newsome
Pete Rice66v33Ray White
Dave Tod42v40Mick Newsome
Colin Pummel77v34Pete Wright
Paul Kirk36v42Paul Field
Colin Pummel63v23Paul Field
Pete Wright49v28Paul Kirk
Colin Pummel74v16Paul Kirk
Pete Wright59v39Paul Field
Ian Bird39v38Rich Warren
Neil Strachan77v21Rich Warren
Ian Bird62v39Pete Rice
Neil Strachan59v17Pete Rice
Neil Strachan82v9Ian Bird
Mick Henfrey30v41John Hall
Mick Henfrey44v34Graham Lucas
Mick Newsome43v83Graham Lucas
Mick Newsome52v40John Hall
Rich Warren42v83Mick Henfrey
Rich Warren37v23Dave Tod
Les Carter40v28Mick Henfrey
John Hall51v42Graham Lucas
Ray White37v49Les Carter
Ray White52v38Mick Newsome
Les Carter60v42Mick Newsome
Les Carter59v52Andy Garford
Pete Wright29v42Andy Garford
Pete Wright26v57Rich Warren
Pete Rice64v31Rich Warren
Pete Rice45v36Andy Garford
Ray White32v62Andy Garford
Ray White36v83Paul Field
Ian Bird19v76Paul Field
Ian Bird58v28Andy Garford
Ian Bird46v23Ray White
Graham Lucas48v24Pete Wright
John Hall48v33Pete Wright
Graham Lucas45v71Les Carter
John Hall52v33Les Carter
Neil Strachan47v32Mick Henfrey
Dave Tod43v51Andy Garford
Neil Strachan49v45Andy Garford
Mick Henfrey74v35Dave Tod
Neil Strachan57v13Dave Tod
Mick Henfrey63v46Andy Garford

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