Un-named table

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1UFC Resing11004133
2Gagal Keren11006423
3Surabi Haneut11004223
4Ranger M1521015503
5Ninceuk FC10104401
6Bribir M1510104401
7Teman Saya10103301
8Sekre Non-Him FA10103301
9Rocol 26100146-20
10Mojo Resing100124-20
11Bapa Saya100114-30

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Bribir M154v4Ninceuk FC
UFC Resing4v1Ranger M15
Bapa Saya1v4Ranger M15
Gagal Keren6v4Rocol 26
Surabi Haneut4v2Mojo Resing
Sekre Non-Him FA3v3Teman Saya

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