Un-named table

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Baba 743101731410
3Pash 742117437
4Inazuma F.C420212486
5The Squad42028716
6Resistance F.C42027706
7Doraemon F.C4202916-76
8Zlatans 4103410-63
9Risers F.C401327-51
10Doctor F.C4013022-221

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Risers F.C0v0Doctor F.C
Resistance F.C3v2Doraemon F.C
Invincibles2v1Pash 7
Baba 74v0Doctor F.C
Doraemon F.C3v2The Squad
Baba 73v1Risers F.C
The Squad3v1Zlatans
Invincibles9v0Doctor F.C
Pash 73v2Resistance F.C
Baba 710v2Doraemon F.C
Invincibles2v1The Squad
Zlatans 2v0Risers F.C
Risers F.C1v2Doraemon F.C
Baba 70v0Pash 7
The Squad2v1Resistance F.C
Inazuma F.C3v0Zlatans
Inazuma F.C0v1Resistance F.C
Inazuma F.C0v3Pash 7
Inazuma F.C9v0Doctor F.C

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