Umupila Social League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Bigoca FC1394032161631
2Nisir FC107032316721
3Kamwala FC127052118321
4Flavours FC1062235201520
5Manchester United FC115243223917
6Titans FC134362022-215
7Galaxy FC123362329-612
8Pamozi FC122371327-149
9Athletico Madrid FC122371024-149
10Club M FC112271428-148

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Athletico Madrid FC2v5Manchester United FC
Bigoca FC3v1Galaxy FC
Titans FC3v1Pamozi FC
Flavours FC5v1Kamwala FC
Bigoca FC6v3Kamwala FC
Titans FC6v2Club M FC
Galaxy FC0v2Nisir FC
Titans FC1v3Bigoca FC
Pamozi FC1v1Athletico Madrid FC
Bigoca FC3v2Athletico Madrid FC
Kamwala FC2v0Pamozi FC
Galaxy FC4v0Club M FC
Titans FC3v1Manchester United FC
Bigoca FC0v0Athletico Madrid FC
Pamozi FC2v1Club M FC
Kamwala FC2v1Manchester United FC
Nisir FC3v2Galaxy FC
Flavours FC2v1Titans FC
Titans FC3v1Nisir FC
Pamozi FC2v2Manchester United FC
Flavours FC3v3Club M FC
Kamwala FC1v0Athletico Madrid FC
Galaxy FC1v1Bigoca FC
Athletico Madrid FC2v1Pamozi FC
Galaxy FC0v4Kamwala FC
Nisir FC4v2Flavours FC
Manchester United FC3v0Club M FC
Bigoca FC1v1Titans FC
Flavours FC7v2Pamozi FC
Athletico Madrid FC0v3Bigoca FC
Nisir FC0v2Club M FC
Manchester United FC4v4Galaxy FC
Titans FC1v3Kamwala FC
Manchester United FC4v0Athletico Madrid FC
Bigoca FC1v1Flavours FC
Galaxy FC5v2Pamozi FC
Club M FC2v0Titans FC
Kamwala FC3v0Nisir FC
Club M FC3v4Bigoca FC
Flavours FC3v4Manchester United FC
Pamozi FC0v1Kamwala FC
Titans FC1v1Galaxy FC
Nisir FC3v0Athletico Madrid FC
Club M FC0v0Athletico Madrid FC
Kamwala FC0v1Bigoca FC
Flavours FC6v2Galaxy FC
Manchester United FC3v4Nisir FC
Pamozi FC0v0Titans FC
Club M FC0v3Galaxy FC
Flavours FC3v1Kamwala FC
Nisir FC3v1Pamozi FC
Bigoca FC3v2Manchester United FC
Athletico Madrid FC2v0Titans FC
Pamozi FC1v0Kamwala FC
Nisir FC3v0Galaxy FC
Club M FC1v3Flavours FC
Bigoca FC3v1Athletico Madrid FC
Manchester United FC3v0Titans FC

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