Ultimate team league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Gerard martin21106244
2Jamie Pearce 21107524
3Gazza Norman 210111383
4Gareth roberts11006063
5Matthew Garnett 11006243
6Barry spears21014313
7Kasey cicio11002113
8Ben foote11001013
9Steven pocock21016603
10Daniel richards20204402
11Aeron williams00000000
12Duane kelly100101-10
13Ben shaw100104-40
14Marc sulley200239-60
15David splitt2002016-160

Viewed 14 times

Gazza Norman 10v0David splitt
Daniel richards2v2Gerard martin
Daniel richards2v2Jamie Pearce
Ben foote1v0Duane kelly
Kasey cicio2v1Barry spears
Gerard martin4v0Ben shaw
Steven pocock3v5Jamie Pearce
Steven pocock3v1Gazza Norman
David splitt0v6Gareth roberts
Marc sulley2v6Matthew Garnett
Marc sulley1v3Barry spears

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