Ultimate team league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Matthew Garnett 14112146113535
2Ben foote149503182332
3Jamie Pearce 1493250282230
4Gareth roberts1493233132030
5Kasey cicio1492330201029
6Gerard martin1464427171022
7Marc sulley147163029122
8Steven pocock1455427141320
9Barry spears145452017319
10Gazza Norman 1453630171318
11Daniel richards144372028-815
12David splitt143381745-2812
13Ben shaw143011846-389
14Duane kelly140113037-371
15Aeron williams140113039-391

Viewed 137 times

Matthew Garnett 0v0Steven pocock
Kasey cicio0v0Steven pocock
Jamie Pearce 0v0Gerard martin
Gareth roberts0v0Steven pocock
David splitt0v0Ben foote
Steven pocock0v0Ben foote
Steven pocock0v0Barry spears
David splitt0v0Barry spears
Steven pocock3v0Daniel richards
Matthew Garnett 7v0David splitt
Gazza Norman 1v1Gerard martin
Kasey cicio2v1Marc sulley
Kasey cicio3v0David splitt
Ben foote3v0Daniel richards
Barry spears3v0Daniel richards
Matthew Garnett 3v0Daniel richards
Gareth roberts3v0Daniel richards
Gazza Norman 3v0Daniel richards
Matthew Garnett 3v0Aeron williams
Barry spears3v0Aeron williams
Kasey cicio3v0Aeron williams
Barry spears3v0Duane kelly
Kasey cicio3v0Duane kelly
Marc sulley3v0Duane kelly
Jamie Pearce 3v0Ben shaw
Gazza Norman 3v0Ben shaw
Gareth roberts3v0Ben shaw
Matthew Garnett 3v0Ben shaw
Gerard martin2v4Gareth roberts
Gerard martin2v2Ben foote
Gerard martin2v0Barry spears
Daniel richards0v0Kasey cicio
Marc sulley5v5David splitt
Jamie Pearce 4v3Gazza Norman
Jamie Pearce 1v1Gareth roberts
Ben foote0v0Gazza Norman
Duane kelly0v0Aeron williams
Marc sulley3v0Aeron williams
Ben foote3v0Ben shaw
Kasey cicio3v0Ben shaw
Barry spears3v0Ben shaw
Jamie Pearce 3v7Ben foote
Gerard martin1v4Kasey cicio
Gareth roberts0v0Ben foote
Jamie Pearce 6v2Kasey cicio
Barry spears0v0Gazza Norman
Marc sulley3v0Steven pocock
Marc sulley4v1Daniel richards
Matthew Garnett 2v1Gerard martin
Matthew Garnett 6v2Jamie Pearce
Gareth roberts3v2Gazza Norman
Matthew Garnett 3v0Gazza Norman
Marc sulley4v0Ben shaw
Steven pocock3v0Duane kelly
David splitt3v0Aeron williams
David splitt3v0Duane kelly
David splitt3v0Steven pocock
Matthew Garnett 4v1Gareth roberts
Jamie Pearce 5v2Barry spears
Marc sulley2v1Gerard martin
Steven pocock3v0Aeron williams
Daniel richards3v0Aeron williams
Daniel richards3v0Duane kelly
Ben shaw3v0Duane kelly
Kasey cicio2v1Gazza Norman
Ben shaw1v0David splitt
Daniel richards4v1David splitt
Gareth roberts2v3Kasey cicio
Gareth roberts2v0Barry spears
Ben foote3v0Barry spears
Ben foote3v0Matthew Garnett
Marc sulley1v0Gazza Norman
Jamie Pearce 7v0Marc sulley
Ben shaw3v0Aeron williams
Gerard martin3v0Duane kelly
Jamie Pearce 3v0Duane kelly
Gerard martin3v0Aeron williams
Jamie Pearce 3v0Aeron williams
Gazza Norman 3v0Aeron williams
Gazza Norman 3v0Duane kelly
Gareth roberts3v0Duane kelly
Ben foote4v3Kasey cicio
Ben foote2v0Marc sulley
Gareth roberts2v1Marc sulley
Steven pocock12v0Ben shaw
Jamie Pearce 6v2David splitt
Barry spears2v2Matthew Garnett
Gerard martin2v0Steven pocock
Gerard martin3v0David splitt
Matthew Garnett 4v0Kasey cicio
Daniel richards5v1Ben shaw
Aeron williams0v3Ben foote
Duane kelly0v3Matthew Garnett
Aeron williams0v3Gareth roberts
Gazza Norman 10v0David splitt
Daniel richards2v2Gerard martin
Daniel richards2v2Jamie Pearce
Ben foote1v0Duane kelly
Kasey cicio2v1Barry spears
Gerard martin4v0Ben shaw
Steven pocock3v5Jamie Pearce
Steven pocock3v1Gazza Norman
David splitt0v6Gareth roberts
Marc sulley2v6Matthew Garnett
Marc sulley1v3Barry spears

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