Ultimate team league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Gareth roberts96123082219
3Marc sulley95312581718
5Matthew Garnett 95042920915
6Jamie Pearce 6321136711
8Gazza Norman 8224816-88
9Ben foote12228527-228
10David splitt8224639-338
11Steven pocock122010830-226
13Gerard martin7115714-74

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Marc sulley2v2Hornsby
Matthew Garnett 5v1Gazza Norman
Moh6v0Gazza Norman
Matthew Garnett 9v0David splitt
Moh2v0Gareth roberts
Matthew Garnett 4v3Gareth roberts
Moh4v0Marc sulley
Matthew Garnett 4v1Gerard martin
Moh11v0David splitt
Marc sulley3v0Steven pocock
Hornsby3v0Steven pocock
Gazza Norman 3v0Steven pocock
Gareth roberts3v0Steven pocock
Felix3v0Steven pocock
Steven pocock3v0Ben foote
Moh3v0Ben foote
Marc sulley3v0Ben foote
Hornsby3v0Ben foote
Gareth roberts3v0Ben foote
Felix3v0Ben foote
Gerard martin0v2Moh
Hornsby0v5Gareth roberts
Ben foote0v3Gazza Norman
Steven pocock0v3David splitt
Ben foote0v3David splitt
Steven pocock0v3Gerard martin
Gazza Norman 0v2Hornsby
Moh3v2Jamie Pearce
Gareth roberts3v0Felix
Marc sulley2v0Felix
Jamie Pearce 4v1Matthew Garnett
Matthew Garnett 3v0Everett
David splitt0v0Felix
Jamie Pearce 0v0Ben foote
Gerard martin0v0Ben foote
David splitt0v0Hornsby
Felix0v0Gazza Norman
Marc sulley0v0Gazza Norman
Steven pocock0v3Everett
Marc sulley1v1Gareth roberts
Jamie Pearce 3v0Steven pocock
Hornsby3v2Gerard martin
Moh4v1Matthew Garnett
Jamie Pearce 2v0Felix
Moh3v1Steven pocock
Steven pocock4v0Matthew Garnett
Marc sulley10v0David splitt
Gareth roberts9v0David splitt
Gareth roberts3v1Gazza Norman
Hornsby2v2Jamie Pearce
Felix1v0Gerard martin
Ben foote3v2Matthew Garnett
Ben foote2v1Everett
Marc sulley4v1Gerard martin

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