UF Death Match

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1South Pretoria 🇦🇱110052310
2Boxez 🇦🇪110030310
3Thao 🇹🇭110054110
4Popov 🇺🇦00000000
5Gentluis 🇵🇹00000000
6Frentian 🇵🇪100145-10
7Payton Leigh 🇬🇧100125-30
8Tomoko 🇰🇵100103-30

Viewed 45 times

Thao 🇹🇭5v4Frentian 🇵🇪
South Pretoria 🇦🇱5v2Payton Leigh 🇬🇧
Boxez 🇦🇪3v0Tomoko 🇰🇵

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