U9 Powerplay Tournament - 15/12/2018 - Swindon Play Football

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1The Cottagers760130141618
3The Blues751139172216
5The Addicks74123021913
6Charlton Athletic74122423113
7The Seagulls73222523211
8Crystal Palace73132630-410
9The Saints73042630-49
10AFC Bournemouth73042228-69
12The Robins72052541-166
13The Eagles71242326-35
14Bristol City71151021-114
15Brighton & Hove Albion71151432-184
16The Cherries71061541-263

Viewed 27 times

The Seagulls4v4The Eagles
The Addicks3v5The Robins
Brighton & Hove Albion4v4Crystal Palace
Charlton Athletic2v1Bristol City
The Cottagers6v1The Saints
The Blues6v0The Cherries
Chelsea10v2AFC Bournemouth
The Addicks3v2The Eagles
The Saints4v2The Robins
Charlton Athletic9v7Crystal Palace
Southampton3v3Bristol City
The Robins4v5The Cherries
Bristol City0v4AFC Bournemouth
The Cherries0v3The Cottagers
The Seagulls2v4The Blues
AFC Bournemouth3v8Fulham
Brighton & Hove Albion1v11Chelsea
The Saints3v2The Eagles
Southampton6v3Crystal Palace
The Addicks3v3The Seagulls
Charlton Athletic7v3Brighton & Hove Albion
The Blues2v0The Cottagers
The Saints2v6The Addicks
The Eagles5v6The Cottagers
Southampton2v3Charlton Athletic
Crystal Palace3v5Fulham
The Cherries3v7The Seagulls
The Robins1v12The Blues
AFC Bournemouth2v4Brighton & Hove Albion
Bristol City0v5Chelsea
The Saints2v4The Seagulls
The Cottagers9v5The Robins
Southampton3v0Brighton & Hove Albion
Fulham3v2Bristol City
The Eagles5v4The Cherries
The Blues6v7The Addicks
Crystal Palace3v2AFC Bournemouth
Chelsea3v1Charlton Athletic
The Seagulls5v4The Robins
The Cottagers3v1The Addicks
Brighton & Hove Albion1v2Bristol City
Fulham1v1Charlton Athletic
The Cherries3v9The Saints
The Eagles2v2The Blues
AFC Bournemouth3v2Southampton
Crystal Palace3v2Chelsea
The Robins4v3The Eagles
The Cottagers3v0The Seagulls
Bristol City2v3Crystal Palace
Fulham3v1Brighton & Hove Albion
The Cherries0v7The Addicks
The Blues7v5The Saints
AFC Bournemouth6v1Charlton Athletic

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