U8 - Ador Avenue

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1The Little Guns1111007676933
2The Dream Team1190274175727
3Ramsgate Rams1182169195026
4Arncliffe Aurora1170449173221
6Bayside United1151544291516
7Sans Souci Sharks112271353-408
8Banksia U8B3111371135-246
9Soccer Supastars11101011100-893
10The Individuals110110999-901

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The Little Guns6v0Banksia U8B3
Ramsgate Rams4v0Raiders
The Dream Team8v0Sans Souci Sharks
Bayside United10v1The Individuals
Arncliffe Aurora6v0Soccer Supastars
Banksia U8B30v5Raiders
Bayside United2v5The Little Guns
Arncliffe Aurora9v1The Individuals
Ramsgate Rams11v1Sans Souci Sharks
Soccer Supastars0v15The Dream Team
Sans Souci Sharks1v1Banksia U8B3
Ramsgate Rams5v4The Dream Team
The Individuals2v6Soccer Supastars
Bayside United3v1Raiders
Arncliffe Aurora0v5The Little Guns
Raiders3v0Arncliffe Aurora
The Little Guns14v1Soccer Supastars
The Dream Team15v1The Individuals
Bayside United7v0Sans Souci Sharks
Ramsgate Rams4v0Banksia U8B3
Bayside United1v1Banksia U8B3
Arncliffe Aurora1v4Ramsgate Rams
Soccer Supastars0v4Sans Souci Sharks
The Individuals1v9Raiders
The Dream Team1v5The Little Guns
Raiders11v1Soccer Supastars
Sans Souci Sharks0v5Arncliffe Aurora
Ramsgate Rams6v2Bayside United
The Little Guns16v0The Individuals
The Dream Team4v0Banksia U8B3
The Dream Team4v1Bayside United
Ramsgate Rams17v0Soccer Supastars
Arncliffe Aurora5v0Banksia U8B3
Sans Souci Sharks3v2The Individuals
The Little Guns6v1Raiders
The Little Guns4v0Sans Souci Sharks
The Dream Team6v3Raiders
Arncliffe Aurora2v1Bayside United
Soccer Supastars0v5Banksia U8B3
The Individuals0v11Ramsgate Rams
Soccer Supastars1v7Arncliffe Aurora
Banksia U8B31v1The Individuals
Bayside United9v1Soccer Supastars
Arncliffe Aurora1v2The Dream Team
Ramsgate Rams0v4The Little Guns
Raiders6v0Sans Souci Sharks
The Little Guns8v2Bayside United
Bayside United6v0The Individuals
The Little Guns3v0Banksia U8B3
Raiders3v3Ramsgate Rams
The Dream Team5v0Sans Souci Sharks
Ramsgate Rams4v4Sans Souci Sharks
Banksia U8B33v5Raiders
Arncliffe Aurora13v0The Individuals
Soccer Supastars1v10The Dream Team

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