U16 Boys - Ador Avenue

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Furious 8861139201919
2Class on Grass85122620616
32205 FC84131919013
4Diablos FC82331516-19
5Tempe Titans80081034-240

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2205 FC10v6Furious 8
Tempe Titans1v5Diablos FC
Class on Grass3v3Diablos FC
2205 FC2v1Tempe Titans
Furious 86v1Class on Grass
Diablos FC0v32205 FC
Tempe Titans3v5Class on Grass
Furious 82v2Diablos FC
2205 FC0v1Class on Grass
Furious 88v2Tempe Titans
Tempe Titans0v2Diablos FC
2205 FC0v2Furious 8
Class on Grass2v1Diablos FC
2205 FC2v0Tempe Titans
Class on Grass4v1Tempe Titans
Furious 84v1Diablos FC
Furious 85v2Class on Grass
Diablos FC1v12205 FC
Furious 86v2Tempe Titans
2205 FC1v8Class on Grass

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