U14 - Ador Avenue

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1The Invincibles66003152618
2Dream Team6411128413
3Brighton Bombs5212111017
4Banksia Boys6204615-96
5Ligma All Stars5104210-83
6Red Devils61051024-143

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The Invincibles9v1Banksia Boys
The Invincibles9v3Red Devils
Banksia Boys0v3Dream Team
Ligma All Stars0v4Brighton Bombs
Banksia Boys1v2Dream Team
Dream Team2v2Brighton Bombs
Banksia Boys3v0Red Devils
The Invincibles4v0Ligma All Stars
Dream Team4v3Red Devils
Banksia Boys1v0Ligma All Stars
Banksia Boys0v1Brighton Bombs
The Invincibles4v1Brighton Bombs
Ligma All Stars2v0Red Devils
Dream Team0v2The Invincibles
Ligma All Stars0v1Dream Team
Brighton Bombs3v4Red Devils
Red Devils0v3The Invincibles

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