U13 Netball Tournament

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
3Derby High750247252225
4Chellaston 750237162125
5St Benedict73132218418
6West Park72052429-510
7Landau Forte7106839-315
8Murray Park7007868-600

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Murray Park0v4Landau Forte
West Park2v5Littleover
Derby High8v2Chellaston
Woodlands4v1St Benedict
Derby High9v1Landau Forte
West Park0v4Chellaston
Littleover3v3St Benedict
Woodlands14v0Murray Park
Chellaston 7v0Landau Forte
Derby High1v6Woodlands
West Park1v3St Benedict
Murray Park1v8Littleover
Murray Park0v5St Benedict
Derby High5v6Littleover
West Park3v2Landau Forte
Woodlands11v1Landau Forte
Derby High4v2St Benedict
West Park11v1Murray Park
Derby High15v6Murray Park
Chellaston 6v3St Benedict
West Park5v9Woodlands
Littleover4v0Landau Forte
Murray Park0v11Chellaston
West Park2v5Derby High
Landau Forte0v5St Benedict

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