U13 Division 7

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1NBC Colts1515001251311245
3Santiago Colts148244843526
4Inkberrow Eagles156365454021
5Shirley Town136343537-221
7Catshill 1440102459-3512
8Redditch Borough 1532103749-1211
9Studley Juniors 1201111086-761

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NBC Colts10v1Santiago Colts
Redditch Borough 2v5Shirley Town
Studley Juniors 1v1Hampton
Inkberrow Eagles0v7Sporting
Sporting5v0Inkberrow Eagles
Catshill 1v4Santiago Colts
Shirley Town2v2Hampton
NBC Colts3v0Redditch Borough
Redditch Borough 3v8NBC Colts
Sporting6v2Shirley Town
Catshill 2v11NBC Colts
Hampton2v1Santiago Colts
Inkberrow Eagles3v5Shirley Town
Santiago Colts5v3Catshill
NBC Colts10v0Studley Juniors
Hampton1v5NBC Colts
NBC Colts6v0Hampton
Catshill 2v0Shirley Town
Santiago Colts1v5Sporting
Redditch Borough 1v2Catshill
Inkberrow Eagles12v0Studley Juniors
Catshill 5v3Redditch Borough
Shirley Town3v3Sporting
Inkberrow Eagles6v0Hampton
Sporting2v3Santiago Colts
Shirley Town2v1Catshill
Studley Juniors 2v7Redditch Borough
Santiago Colts2v2Inkberrow Eagles
Redditch Borough 1v2Hampton
Santiago Colts6v1Studley Juniors
Inkberrow Eagles6v0Catshill
NBC Colts2v0Sporting
Sporting5v1Studley Juniors
Catshill 1v6Inkberrow Eagles
Redditch Borough 2v2Santiago Colts
Studley Juniors 0v18NBC Colts
Hampton2v4Shirley Town
Catshill 2v3Sporting
Inkberrow Eagles6v1Redditch Borough
NBC Colts5v2Sporting
Hampton5v1Studley Juniors
Shirley Town2v3Santiago Colts
NBC Colts11v0Catshill
Santiago Colts2v0Hampton
Redditch Borough 7v1Studley Juniors
Shirley Town3v3Inkberrow Eagles
Redditch Borough 2v2Inkberrow Eagles
Redditch Borough 2v4Sporting
NBC Colts12v0Inkberrow Eagles
Hampton2v3Redditch Borough
Catshill 2v0Studley Juniors
Inkberrow Eagles4v6Santiago Colts
Studley Juniors 2v3Shirley Town
Shirley Town2v1Redditch Borough
Studley Juniors 1v10Santiago Colts
Inkberrow Eagles0v9NBC Colts
Hampton1v4Inkberrow Eagles
Sporting3v2Redditch Borough
Santiago Colts2v8NBC Colts
Shirley Town2v7NBC Colts

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