Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Crew SC16113246232336
3Crew wolves1475222121026
4Minnesota United1574440231725
5Chicago fire1381425131225
6Slsg MO1874748371125
7Indiana fire1573552341824
10Slsg IL164483232016
11FC United114252119214
12Minnesota thunder143382337-1412
14Compton United150015988-790

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Slsg MO4v0Indiana fire
Compton United0v11Cincinnati
Slsg MO2v0Chicago fire
Shockers4v1Crew wolves
Minnesota United5v1Slsg MO
Minnesota thunder3v3Slsg IL
Minnesota thunder1v1Slsg MO
FC United0v0Crew wolves
Compton United0v4Chicago fire
Minnesota United2v1Slsg IL
Crew wolves1v0Indiana fire
Crew SC3v2Slsg IL
Crew SC4v2Cincinnati
Internationals1v5Slsg IL
Slsg MO6v1Compton United
Crew SC5v2Compton United
Slsg MO1v3Cincinnati
Indiana fire1v4Minnesota United
Slsg IL2v1Minnesota thunder
Crew wolves2v1Shockers
Crew SC1v0FC United
Slsg MO2v1Minnesota thunder
Slsg IL0v1Cincinnati
Compton United0v5Crew SC
Internationals2v1Compton United
Chicago fire2v1Slsg MO
Cincinnati0v0Crew SC
Indiana fire4v3FC United
Vardar0v1Crew wolves
Minnesota thunder0v1Minnesota United
Compton United1v8Indiana fire
FC United1v3Crew SC
Slsg IL2v2Vardar
Indiana fire3v1Chicago fire
Slsg MO1v1Vardar
Slsg IL6v1Compton United
Shockers1v1Crew SC
FC United2v2Internationals
Slsg IL0v1Minnesota United
Chicago fire1v0Vardar
Compton United1v6Crew wolves
Cincinnati3v2FC United
Slsg MO2v2Minnesota United
Minnesota thunder1v9Indiana fire
Minnesota United1v2Chicago fire
Internationals0v4Crew wolves
Slsg MO4v2Crew SC
Minnesota United4v4Indiana fire
Minnesota thunder1v0Chicago fire
Slsg IL6v1Internationals
Chicago fire7v0Compton United
Cincinnati3v4Crew SC
Compton United0v2FC United
Shockers2v3Indiana fire
Slsg MO8v1Internationals
Indiana fire0v4Cincinnati
Slsg IL0v1Crew wolves
Minnesota thunder3v7Crew SC
Minnesota United6v0Internationals
Chicago fire2v0Shockers
Cincinnati8v0Compton United
Slsg IL1v2FC United
Minnesota thunder5v1Internationals
Indiana fire0v2Vardar
Minnesota United1v3Crew SC
Slsg MO1v1Crew wolves
FC United4v1Minnesota thunder
Cincinnati2v1Slsg MO
Shockers3v3Minnesota United
Crew wolves0v0Chicago fire
Vardar1v0Crew SC
Indiana fire4v2Slsg MO
Vardar2v0Minnesota United
Crew wolves2v2Minnesota thunder
Crew SC4v0Chicago fire
Crew wolves2v1Minnesota United
Internationals0v11Indiana fire
FC United5v2Slsg MO
Vardar2v0Minnesota thunder
Slsg IL1v8Slsg MO
Chicago fire2v0FC United
Minnesota thunder3v1Compton United
Minnesota United2v2Cincinnati
Crew SC1v0Crew wolves
Minnesota thunder1v2Cincinnati
Indiana fire2v2Slsg IL
Minnesota United7v0Compton United
Shockers5v1Slsg MO
Vardar2v0Slsg IL
Crew SC3v3Indiana fire
Compton United1v8Shockers
Crew wolves1v1Slsg IL
Internationals1v4Chicago fire

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