U12 Premier League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Appleton AFC North1815303773048
2Billinge JR FC Villa18116136132339
3Rainford Rangers Real 1711513692738
4Wigan JR Latics Yellows17114231131837
5Seneley & Garswood Falcons 189182416828
6Lymm Piranhas Athletic186392724321
7Crosfields JFC Barcelona 1852111534-1917
8Parkdale Sidac FC Rangers 183691423-915
9Irlam Vale AFC Panthers 1812151047-375
10FC St Helens Rangers180216953-442

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Wigan JR Latics Yellows1v0Seneley & Garswood Falcons
Wigan JR Latics Yellows2v0Parkdale Sidac FC Rangers
Wigan JR Latics Yellows2v1Lymm Piranhas Athletic
Wigan JR Latics Yellows4v0Irlam Vale AFC Panthers
Wigan JR Latics Yellows4v0FC St Helens Rangers
Wigan JR Latics Yellows1v0Crosfields JFC Barcelona
Wigan JR Latics Yellows0v0Billinge JR FC Villa
Wigan JR Latics Yellows0v2Appleton AFC North
Seneley & Garswood Falcons 0v2Wigan JR Latics Yellows
Seneley & Garswood Falcons 0v1Rainford Rangers Real
Seneley & Garswood Falcons 2v1Parkdale Sidac FC Rangers
Seneley & Garswood Falcons 2v0Lymm Piranhas Athletic
Seneley & Garswood Falcons 4v0Irlam Vale AFC Panthers
Seneley & Garswood Falcons 3v0FC St Helens Rangers
Seneley & Garswood Falcons 3v0Crosfields JFC Barcelona
Seneley & Garswood Falcons 0v2Billinge JR FC Villa
Seneley & Garswood Falcons 1v2Appleton AFC North
Rainford Rangers Real 1v1Wigan JR Latics Yellows
Rainford Rangers Real 2v0Seneley & Garswood Falcons
Rainford Rangers Real 2v1Parkdale Sidac FC Rangers
Rainford Rangers Real 3v1Lymm Piranhas Athletic
Rainford Rangers Real 3v0Irlam Vale AFC Panthers
Rainford Rangers Real 4v0FC St Helens Rangers
Rainford Rangers Real 2v0Crosfields JFC Barcelona
Rainford Rangers Real 2v2Billinge JR FC Villa
Rainford Rangers Real 0v1Appleton AFC North
Parkdale Sidac FC Rangers 1v1Wigan JR Latics Yellows
Parkdale Sidac FC Rangers 0v0Seneley & Garswood Falcons
Parkdale Sidac FC Rangers 0v0Rainford Rangers Real
Parkdale Sidac FC Rangers 2v4Lymm Piranhas Athletic
Parkdale Sidac FC Rangers 2v0Irlam Vale AFC Panthers
Parkdale Sidac FC Rangers 2v1FC St Helens Rangers
Parkdale Sidac FC Rangers 0v1Crosfields JFC Barcelona
Parkdale Sidac FC Rangers 0v2Billinge JR FC Villa
Parkdale Sidac FC Rangers 0v2Appleton AFC North
Lymm Piranhas Athletic1v2Wigan JR Latics Yellows
Lymm Piranhas Athletic0v2Seneley & Garswood Falcons
Lymm Piranhas Athletic0v1Rainford Rangers Real
Lymm Piranhas Athletic0v0Parkdale Sidac FC Rangers
Lymm Piranhas Athletic6v0Irlam Vale AFC Panthers
Lymm Piranhas Athletic3v0FC St Helens Rangers
Lymm Piranhas Athletic3v1Crosfields JFC Barcelona
Lymm Piranhas Athletic1v1Billinge JR FC Villa
Lymm Piranhas Athletic1v2Appleton AFC North
Irlam Vale AFC Panthers 2v3Wigan JR Latics Yellows
Irlam Vale AFC Panthers 0v4Rainford Rangers Real
Irlam Vale AFC Panthers 0v1Seneley & Garswood Falcons
Irlam Vale AFC Panthers 1v1Parkdale Sidac FC Rangers
Irlam Vale AFC Panthers 1v2Lymm Piranhas Athletic
Irlam Vale AFC Panthers 1v1FC St Helens Rangers
Irlam Vale AFC Panthers 0v1Crosfields JFC Barcelona
Irlam Vale AFC Panthers 0v2Billinge JR FC Villa
Irlam Vale AFC Panthers 1v2Appleton AFC North
FC St Helens Rangers1v3Wigan JR Latics Yellows
FC St Helens Rangers0v2Seneley & Garswood Falcons
FC St Helens Rangers0v4Rainford Rangers Real
FC St Helens Rangers1v2Parkdale Sidac FC Rangers
FC St Helens Rangers1v3Lymm Piranhas Athletic
FC St Helens Rangers1v2Irlam Vale AFC Panthers
FC St Helens Rangers0v0Crosfields JFC Barcelona
FC St Helens Rangers0v3Billinge JR FC Villa
FC St Helens Rangers0v3Appleton AFC North
Crosfields JFC Barcelona 0v2Wigan JR Latics Yellows
Crosfields JFC Barcelona 1v3Seneley & Garswood Falcons
Crosfields JFC Barcelona 1v5Rainford Rangers Real
Crosfields JFC Barcelona 1v0Parkdale Sidac FC Rangers
Crosfields JFC Barcelona 1v1Lymm Piranhas Athletic
Crosfields JFC Barcelona 3v1Irlam Vale AFC Panthers
Crosfields JFC Barcelona 3v2FC St Helens Rangers
Crosfields JFC Barcelona 1v2Billinge JR FC Villa
Crosfields JFC Barcelona 0v2Appleton AFC North
Billinge JR FC Villa2v2Wigan JR Latics Yellows
Billinge JR FC Villa2v1Seneley & Garswood Falcons
Billinge JR FC Villa1v1Rainford Rangers Real
Billinge JR FC Villa2v1Parkdale Sidac FC Rangers
Billinge JR FC Villa2v0Lymm Piranhas Athletic
Billinge JR FC Villa4v1Irlam Vale AFC Panthers
Billinge JR FC Villa6v1FC St Helens Rangers
Billinge JR FC Villa3v0Crosfields JFC Barcelona
Billinge JR FC Villa0v0Appleton AFC North
Appleton AFC North2v1Wigan JR Latics Yellows
Appleton AFC North2v0Seneley & Garswood Falcons
Appleton AFC North1v1Rainford Rangers Real
Appleton AFC North1v1Parkdale Sidac FC Rangers
Appleton AFC North1v0Lymm Piranhas Athletic
Appleton AFC North3v0Irlam Vale AFC Panthers
Appleton AFC North5v0FC St Helens Rangers
Appleton AFC North4v1Crosfields JFC Barcelona
Appleton AFC North2v0Billinge JR FC Villa

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