U12 - Peakhurst

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1The Enforcers98106585725
2The Omegas971148103822
3Sports Stars961240112919
4The Wild Rangers95042325-215
5Red Wolves93241620-411
6Glory FC9207739-326
7Olds Park Pumas92071043-336
8Oatley U129018760-531

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Glory FC0v6The Wild Rangers
Olds Park Pumas0v12The Enforcers
Red Wolves2v2Sports Stars
The Enforcers2v1The Omegas
The Wild Rangers1v4Sports Stars
Glory FC1v0Olds Park Pumas
Oatley U120v0Red Wolves
Oatley U120v7The Omegas
Olds Park Pumas0v7Sports Stars
The Omegas8v0Glory FC
Glory FC0v3The Wild Rangers
Sports Stars1v4The Enforcers
Red Wolves1v2The Wild Rangers
Olds Park Pumas4v2Oatley U12
Oatley U122v3Glory FC
Sports Stars1v2The Omegas
The Wild Rangers5v1Olds Park Pumas
The Enforcers7v0Red Wolves
Olds Park Pumas1v10The Enforcers
Oatley U120v12The Omegas
The Omegas8v1The Wild Rangers
Glory FC0v5Sports Stars
Olds Park Pumas0v2Red Wolves
The Wild Rangers0v5Sports Stars
Oatley U120v12The Enforcers
The Enforcers9v1Glory FC
The Omegas3v2Red Wolves
The Wild Rangers5v1Oatley U12
Red Wolves1v4Sports Stars
Sports Stars11v1Oatley U12
The Enforcers5v0The Wild Rangers
Red Wolves2v1Glory FC
Olds Park Pumas0v3The Omegas
Glory FC1v4Olds Park Pumas
Oatley U121v6Red Wolves
The Enforcers4v4The Omegas

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