U12 Orange

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1BSCFC Town18143168234545
2Stevenage Falcons19132449321741
3Bury Rangers20112753351835
4Chase Side19105438251335
5Stevenage Adders1492328101829
6Wormley Blacks1992847371029
7Harpenden Lightning156272932-320
8Broxbourne Royals126241825-720
9Broxbourne Blues1945102639-1317
10Welwyn Sapphires 125162423116
11Wormley Reds1943121939-2015
12WGC Hurricans1923142056-369
13Cheshunt Blacks151014851-433

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WGC Hurricans1v6Stevenage Adders
Stevenage Adders2v2Broxbourne Blues
WGC Hurricans2v0Cheshunt Blacks
Broxbourne Royals3v2Wormley Blacks
BSCFC Town1v0Welwyn Sapphires
Wormley Reds1v1Broxbourne Royals
Bury Rangers3v0Cheshunt Blacks
Stevenage Adders1v2Wormley Blacks
Wormley Reds0v2Stevenage Adders
Welwyn Sapphires 3v1Cheshunt Blacks
Harpenden Lightning1v5Wormley Blacks
Stevenage Falcons3v1Broxbourne Royals
Stevenage Adders4v0Cheshunt Blacks
Broxbourne Blues2v3Welwyn Sapphires
Stevenage Adders1v0Harpenden Lightning
WGC Hurricans1v2Wormley Blacks
Stevenage Falcons4v0Wormley Reds
Bury Rangers1v2Broxbourne Royals
Welwyn Sapphires 2v2Chase Side
Harpenden Lightning2v1WGC Hurricans
Cheshunt Blacks0v2BSCFC Town
Stevenage Falcons2v0Stevenage Adders
Broxbourne Royals2v0Broxbourne Blues
Wormley Reds1v1Wormley Blacks
Bury Rangers0v0Broxbourne Blues
Chase Side1v1Stevenage Adders
Wormley Blacks1v4Stevenage Falcons
WGC Hurricans0v1Broxbourne Royals
Cheshunt Blacks1v3Welwyn Sapphires
Broxbourne Blues1v0Cheshunt Blacks
Wormley Reds1v5Welwyn Sapphires
Wormley Blacks1v2Stevenage Adders
Bury Rangers4v2BSCFC Town
Stevenage Falcons2v0Chase Side
Welwyn Sapphires 2v5Wormley Blacks
Wormley Reds1v3Broxbourne Blues
WGC Hurricans0v2Bury Rangers
Harpenden Lightning0v3Stevenage Falcons
Chase Side0v0BSCFC Town
Broxbourne Royals2v1Cheshunt Blacks
Cheshunt Blacks2v0Harpenden Lightning
Stevenage Adders1v0Wormley Reds
BSCFC Town3v1Stevenage Falcons
Chase Side1v3Broxbourne Royals
Broxbourne Blues1v0Stevenage Adders
Wormley Blacks3v0WGC Hurricans
Wormley Reds0v1Harpenden Lightning
Welwyn Sapphires 0v1Bury Rangers
Stevenage Adders2v0Bury Rangers
BSCFC Town6v5Broxbourne Blues
Wormley Blacks8v1Cheshunt Blacks
WGC Hurricans2v3Wormley Reds
Harpenden Lightning4v1Chase Side
Stevenage Falcons2v1Welwyn Sapphires
WGC Hurricans0v6Harpenden Lightning
BSCFC Town7v1Broxbourne Royals
Broxbourne Blues1v3Bury Rangers
Cheshunt Blacks0v2Stevenage Adders
Cheshunt Blacks0v1Wormley Reds
Stevenage Falcons2v1Cheshunt Blacks
BSCFC Town17v1Cheshunt Blacks
Cheshunt Blacks0v1WGC Hurricans
Wormley Blacks1v2Chase Side
Broxbourne Royals0v4Stevenage Adders
WGC Hurricans2v2Broxbourne Blues
Bury Rangers2v2Harpenden Lightning
Welwyn Sapphires 0v3BSCFC Town
Broxbourne Blues1v1Broxbourne Royals
Chase Side3v1Welwyn Sapphires
Wormley Blacks5v1Harpenden Lightning
Bury Rangers3v0Stevenage Falcons
Broxbourne Blues0v2Chase Side
Welwyn Sapphires 4v1Broxbourne Royals
Bury Rangers3v2Wormley Blacks
Harpenden Lightning2v1Wormley Reds
WGC Hurricans2v2Stevenage Falcons
Chase Side5v2Bury Rangers
Wormley Reds0v5Stevenage Falcons
Broxbourne Blues2v6Harpenden Lightning
Wormley Reds0v1Chase Side
WGC Hurricans1v3BSCFC Town
Stevenage Falcons3v2Broxbourne Blues
Harpenden Lightning2v6Bury Rangers
Chase Side2v2Harpenden Lightning
BSCFC Town3v1Wormley Blacks
Bury Rangers3v1Wormley Reds
Broxbourne Blues1v0WGC Hurricans
Stevenage Falcons1v0Harpenden Lightning
Chase Side2v1Wormley Blacks
Wormley Reds5v1WGC Hurricans
BSCFC Town3v2Bury Rangers
Wormley Reds1v3BSCFC Town
Wormley Blacks2v1Broxbourne Blues
Wormley Blacks2v7Bury Rangers
Stevenage Falcons5v4Bury Rangers
WGC Hurricans1v5Chase Side
Chase Side0v0Wormley Reds
Broxbourne Blues2v2Stevenage Falcons
BSCFC Town1v1WGC Hurricans
Chase Side3v0Broxbourne Blues
Stevenage Falcons1v5BSCFC Town
BSCFC Town4v1Chase Side
Bury Rangers5v2WGC Hurricans
Wormley Reds2v1Bury Rangers
Wormley Blacks2v2BSCFC Town
Chase Side5v0Stevenage Falcons
Stevenage Falcons7v2WGC Hurricans
Bury Rangers1v2Chase Side
BSCFC Town3v1Wormley Reds
Broxbourne Blues0v1Wormley Blacks

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