U12 Indigo

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Welwyn Sapphires880052104224
3Cuffley Vipers Blues74122923613
4Letchworth 63122217510
5Risden Wood73131715210
6Potters Bar Crusaders83141829-1110
7St Margaretsbury62131620-47
10Elite Feet80171843-251

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Panshanger0v2St Margaretsbury
Cuffley Vipers Blues8v2Potters Bar Crusaders
Elite Feet3v3Risden Wood
Potters Bar Crusaders1v1Letchworth
Welwyn Sapphires8v1Cuffley Vipers Blues
St Margaretsbury5v4Elite Feet
Risden Wood3v1BSCFC
Panshanger2v1Risden Wood
Letchworth 4v2BSCFC
Potters Bar Crusaders2v7Welwyn Sapphires
Elite Feet2v7Stevenage
Elite Feet1v2Potters Bar Crusaders
Risden Wood1v3Welwyn Sapphires
St Margaretsbury3v5Cuffley Vipers Blues
Panshanger1v7Cuffley Vipers Blues
Welwyn Sapphires8v1Elite Feet
Welwyn Sapphires10v0Panshanger
Letchworth 3v2Potters Bar Crusaders
Cuffley Vipers Blues3v2Risden Wood
Elite Feet3v8BSCFC
Panshanger0v7Welwyn Sapphires
Welwyn Sapphires6v4Letchworth
Risden Wood3v2Panshanger
Stevenage5v1Potters Bar Crusaders
BSCFC4v4St Margaretsbury
St Margaretsbury1v3Welwyn Sapphires
Potters Bar Crusaders4v3Elite Feet
Cuffley Vipers Blues2v4Stevenage
Risden Wood4v1St Margaretsbury
Panshanger1v4Potters Bar Crusaders
Elite Feet1v6Letchworth
BSCFC3v3Cuffley Vipers Blues

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