U12 Emerald Division

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Pro Direct Academy17121443232037
2Ware Youth Blues19105449341535
3Sumners Youth1692533191429
4Welwyn Pegasus178362920927
5Rap Aid Haringey178363025527
7Harpenden Thunder2081112442-1825
8Ryan Youth127323122924
9Cheshunt Youth Ambers1954103241-919
10Harlow Town 1933132652-2612
11Waltham Abbey1825112547-2211

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Cheshunt Youth Ambers6v0Harpenden Thunder
Noresman2v2Ware Youth Blues
Pro Direct Academy0v1Rap Aid Haringey
Ryan Youth3v1Harlow Town
Sumners Youth1v3Welwyn Pegasus
Rap Aid Haringey0v2Harpenden Thunder
Sumners Youth4v0Cheshunt Youth Ambers
Ware Youth Blues2v1Welwyn Pegasus
Waltham Abbey0v2Welwyn Pegasus
Noresman1v4Rap Aid Haringey
Harpenden Thunder0v3Sumners Youth
Harlow Town 2v2Welwyn Pegasus
Cheshunt Youth Ambers2v2Rap Aid Haringey
Sumners Youth1v0Rap Aid Haringey
Pro Direct Academy4v2Noresman
Ware Youth Blues2v2Ryan Youth
Welwyn Pegasus0v1Cheshunt Youth Ambers
Harpenden Thunder2v2Waltham Abbey
Sumners Youth3v0Waltham Abbey
Noresman1v0Welwyn Pegasus
Harpenden Thunder0v1Ware Youth Blues
Pro Direct Academy3v0Sumners Youth
Harlow Town 1v2Harpenden Thunder
Welwyn Pegasus1v1Waltham Abbey
Sumners Youth2v1Harlow Town
Noresman1v3Pro Direct Academy
Welwyn Pegasus3v0Ware Youth Blues
Welwyn Pegasus2v1Rap Aid Haringey
Harpenden Thunder0v1Pro Direct Academy
Noresman3v1Waltham Abbey
Cheshunt Youth Ambers0v3Sumners Youth
Ware Youth Blues1v0Harlow Town
Noresman5v1Cheshunt Youth Ambers
Pro Direct Academy3v3Ware Youth Blues
Harlow Town 0v1Rap Aid Haringey
Ware Youth Blues2v2Waltham Abbey
Cheshunt Youth Ambers3v0Pro Direct Academy
Harpenden Thunder3v0Harlow Town
Rap Aid Haringey1v0Noresman
Harlow Town 2v2Cheshunt Youth Ambers
Harlow Town 3v9Ware Youth Blues
Pro Direct Academy5v1Harpenden Thunder
Welwyn Pegasus0v1Harlow Town
Sumners Youth3v2Ryan Youth
Waltham Abbey2v2Cheshunt Youth Ambers
Ware Youth Blues3v3Rap Aid Haringey
Waltham Abbey1v5Sumners Youth
Harpenden Thunder2v4Ryan Youth
Harlow Town 2v6Pro Direct Academy
Cheshunt Youth Ambers0v1Noresman
Noresman4v0Harlow Town
Sumners Youth5v0Harpenden Thunder
Cheshunt Youth Ambers1v1Ryan Youth
Ware Youth Blues3v4Pro Direct Academy
Rap Aid Haringey3v1Ware Youth Blues
Harpenden Thunder1v0Cheshunt Youth Ambers
Harlow Town 1v0Sumners Youth
Rap Aid Haringey2v3Cheshunt Youth Ambers
Ryan Youth3v1Ware Youth Blues
Waltham Abbey2v4Noresman
Welwyn Pegasus1v2Harpenden Thunder
Waltham Abbey1v1Rap Aid Haringey
Ware Youth Blues3v2Noresman
Ryan Youth0v3Harpenden Thunder
Welwyn Pegasus1v4Pro Direct Academy
Harlow Town 4v5Waltham Abbey
Harpenden Thunder0v1Rap Aid Haringey
Cheshunt Youth Ambers2v3Welwyn Pegasus
Ware Youth Blues3v0Sumners Youth
Waltham Abbey2v3Harpenden Thunder
Rap Aid Haringey3v1Harlow Town
Pro Direct Academy1v2Cheshunt Youth Ambers
Harlow Town 1v4Ryan Youth
Harpenden Thunder0v4Welwyn Pegasus
Cheshunt Youth Ambers3v4Waltham Abbey
Ryan Youth3v2Rap Aid Haringey
Welwyn Pegasus0v0Noresman
Pro Direct Academy2v1Harlow Town
Waltham Abbey0v1Pro Direct Academy
Ware Youth Blues3v1Cheshunt Youth Ambers
Noresman3v5Ryan Youth
Ryan Youth4v3Cheshunt Youth Ambers
Sumners Youth2v2Noresman
Rap Aid Haringey1v4Welwyn Pegasus
Ware Youth Blues5v2Harpenden Thunder
Waltham Abbey1v3Harlow Town
Rap Aid Haringey4v1Waltham Abbey
Cheshunt Youth Ambers0v3Ware Youth Blues
Pro Direct Academy2v0Waltham Abbey
Harpenden Thunder0v1Noresman
Noresman0v1Harpenden Thunder
Sumners Youth1v3Pro Direct Academy
Harlow Town 2v2Noresman
Waltham Abbey0v2Ware Youth Blues
Ryan Youth0v0Sumners Youth
Pro Direct Academy1v2Welwyn Pegasus

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