U12 Div 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Widnes Dragons 25196068185063
2Hurricanes Storm25187079285161
3Rainhill United Celtic 25187065184761
4Cherrybrook Lions25154646291749
5FC St Helens Celtic 25136648262245
6Hurricanes FC25126745252042
7Irlam Vale AFC Tigers2586113339-630
8Woolston Rovers Athletico2569102736-927
9Runcorn Linnets Greens 25510103142-1125
10Matthiola AFC2549122956-2721
11Winwick Athletic Bulls 25111132145-2414
12Wigan JR Latics Royals131481638-227
13Leigh Genesis Charge2514201564-497
14East Leigh JFC Eagles 2507181877-597

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Woolston Rovers Athletico2v3Cherrybrook Lions
Woolston Rovers Athletico2v0East Leigh JFC Eagles
Woolston Rovers Athletico1v2FC St Helens Celtic
Woolston Rovers Athletico1v1Hurricanes FC
Woolston Rovers Athletico1v3Hurricanes Storm
Woolston Rovers Athletico1v3Irlam Vale AFC Tigers
Woolston Rovers Athletico1v0Leigh Genesis Charge
Woolston Rovers Athletico1v1Matthiola AFC
Woolston Rovers Athletico1v1Rainhill United Celtic
Woolston Rovers Athletico1v2Runcorn Linnets Greens
Woolston Rovers Athletico1v2Widnes Dragons
Woolston Rovers Athletico1v0Wigan JR Latics Royals
Woolston Rovers Athletico1v1Winwick Athletic Bulls
Winwick Athletic Bulls 1v1Woolston Rovers Athletico
Winwick Athletic Bulls 1v1Wigan JR Latics Royals
Winwick Athletic Bulls 2v3Widnes Dragons
Winwick Athletic Bulls 2v2Runcorn Linnets Greens
Winwick Athletic Bulls 0v4Rainhill United Celtic
Winwick Athletic Bulls 0v0Matthiola AFC
Winwick Athletic Bulls 0v0Leigh Genesis Charge
Winwick Athletic Bulls 1v2Irlam Vale AFC Tigers
Winwick Athletic Bulls 1v4Hurricanes Storm
Winwick Athletic Bulls 1v2Hurricanes FC
Winwick Athletic Bulls 1v2FC St Helens Celtic
Winwick Athletic Bulls 1v1East Leigh JFC Eagles
Winwick Athletic Bulls 0v1Cherrybrook Lions
Widnes Dragons 2v0Cherrybrook Lions
Widnes Dragons 1v0East Leigh JFC Eagles
Widnes Dragons 1v1FC St Helens Celtic
Widnes Dragons 1v0Hurricanes FC
Widnes Dragons 0v0Hurricanes Storm
Widnes Dragons 5v0Irlam Vale AFC Tigers
Widnes Dragons 5v1Leigh Genesis Charge
Widnes Dragons 4v1Matthiola AFC
Widnes Dragons 1v1Rainhill United Celtic
Widnes Dragons 3v1Runcorn Linnets Greens
Widnes Dragons 6v1Wigan JR Latics Royals
Widnes Dragons 4v0Winwick Athletic Bulls
Widnes Dragons 3v0Woolston Rovers Athletico
Runcorn Linnets Greens 0v0Woolston Rovers Athletico
Runcorn Linnets Greens 0v0Winwick Athletic Bulls
Runcorn Linnets Greens 5v0Wigan JR Latics Royals
Runcorn Linnets Greens 1v4Widnes Dragons
Runcorn Linnets Greens 1v3Rainhill United Celtic
Runcorn Linnets Greens 1v1Matthiola AFC
Runcorn Linnets Greens 0v1Leigh Genesis Charge
Runcorn Linnets Greens 1v1Irlam Vale AFC Tigers
Runcorn Linnets Greens 2v2Hurricanes Storm
Runcorn Linnets Greens 0v2Hurricanes FC
Runcorn Linnets Greens 1v2FC St Helens Celtic
Runcorn Linnets Greens 1v1East Leigh JFC Eagles
Runcorn Linnets Greens 0v1Cherrybrook Lions
Rainhill United Celtic 3v1Cherrybrook Lions
Rainhill United Celtic 2v0Leigh Genesis Charge
Rainhill United Celtic 5v0East Leigh JFC Eagles
Rainhill United Celtic 3v2FC St Helens Celtic
Rainhill United Celtic 2v1Hurricanes FC
Rainhill United Celtic 1v1Hurricanes Storm
Rainhill United Celtic 2v0Irlam Vale AFC Tigers
Rainhill United Celtic 5v0Matthiola AFC
Rainhill United Celtic 4v0Runcorn Linnets Greens
Rainhill United Celtic 2v2Widnes Dragons
Rainhill United Celtic 4v2Wigan JR Latics Royals
Rainhill United Celtic 4v0Winwick Athletic Bulls
Rainhill United Celtic 2v0Woolston Rovers Athletico
Matthiola AFC2v1Wigan JR Latics Royals
Matthiola AFC2v2Woolston Rovers Athletico
Matthiola AFC2v2Winwick Athletic Bulls
Matthiola AFC0v2Widnes Dragons
Matthiola AFC1v1Runcorn Linnets Greens
Matthiola AFC1v4Rainhill United Celtic
Matthiola AFC2v0Leigh Genesis Charge
Matthiola AFC1v0Irlam Vale AFC Tigers
Matthiola AFC3v3Hurricanes Storm
Matthiola AFC0v3Hurricanes FC
Matthiola AFC0v2FC St Helens Celtic
Matthiola AFC5v2East Leigh JFC Eagles
Matthiola AFC1v2Cherrybrook Lions
Leigh Genesis Charge1v3Wigan JR Latics Royals
Leigh Genesis Charge1v2Woolston Rovers Athletico
Leigh Genesis Charge0v3Winwick Athletic Bulls
Leigh Genesis Charge0v7Widnes Dragons
Leigh Genesis Charge2v3Runcorn Linnets Greens
Leigh Genesis Charge1v3Rainhill United Celtic
Leigh Genesis Charge1v1Matthiola AFC
Leigh Genesis Charge0v1Irlam Vale AFC Tigers
Leigh Genesis Charge0v2Hurricanes Storm
Leigh Genesis Charge0v1Hurricanes FC
Leigh Genesis Charge0v4FC St Helens Celtic
Leigh Genesis Charge2v2East Leigh JFC Eagles
Leigh Genesis Charge0v2Cherrybrook Lions
Irlam Vale AFC Tigers0v0Woolston Rovers Athletico
Irlam Vale AFC Tigers2v0Winwick Athletic Bulls
Irlam Vale AFC Tigers2v2Wigan JR Latics Royals
Irlam Vale AFC Tigers1v1Widnes Dragons
Irlam Vale AFC Tigers1v1Runcorn Linnets Greens
Irlam Vale AFC Tigers1v2Rainhill United Celtic
Irlam Vale AFC Tigers4v0Matthiola AFC
Irlam Vale AFC Tigers1v0Leigh Genesis Charge
Irlam Vale AFC Tigers1v3Hurricanes Storm
Irlam Vale AFC Tigers1v1Hurricanes FC
Irlam Vale AFC Tigers1v3FC St Helens Celtic
Irlam Vale AFC Tigers5v2East Leigh JFC Eagles
Irlam Vale AFC Tigers0v2Cherrybrook Lions
Hurricanes Storm3v2Woolston Rovers Athletico
Hurricanes Storm3v0Winwick Athletic Bulls
Hurricanes Storm4v0Wigan JR Latics Royals
Hurricanes Storm4v4Widnes Dragons
Hurricanes Storm4v0Runcorn Linnets Greens
Hurricanes Storm1v1Rainhill United Celtic
Hurricanes Storm3v1Matthiola AFC
Hurricanes Storm5v1Leigh Genesis Charge
Hurricanes Storm6v4Irlam Vale AFC Tigers
Hurricanes Storm3v2Hurricanes FC
Hurricanes Storm1v1FC St Helens Celtic
Hurricanes Storm8v0East Leigh JFC Eagles
Hurricanes Storm1v0Cherrybrook Lions
Hurricanes FC3v0Wigan JR Latics Royals
Hurricanes FC0v1Woolston Rovers Athletico
Hurricanes FC1v1Winwick Athletic Bulls
Hurricanes FC1v2Widnes Dragons
Hurricanes FC1v0Runcorn Linnets Greens
Hurricanes FC1v1Rainhill United Celtic
Hurricanes FC4v1Matthiola AFC
Hurricanes FC4v0Leigh Genesis Charge
Hurricanes FC2v0Irlam Vale AFC Tigers
Hurricanes FC2v4Hurricanes Storm
Hurricanes FC2v2FC St Helens Celtic
Hurricanes FC4v0East Leigh JFC Eagles
Hurricanes FC1v2Cherrybrook Lions
FC St Helens Celtic 1v1Woolston Rovers Athletico
FC St Helens Celtic 3v2Winwick Athletic Bulls
FC St Helens Celtic 4v1Wigan JR Latics Royals
FC St Helens Celtic 0v2Widnes Dragons
FC St Helens Celtic 0v1Runcorn Linnets Greens
FC St Helens Celtic 0v0Rainhill United Celtic
FC St Helens Celtic 4v0Matthiola AFC
FC St Helens Celtic 4v1Leigh Genesis Charge
FC St Helens Celtic 2v1Irlam Vale AFC Tigers
FC St Helens Celtic 0v1Hurricanes Storm
FC St Helens Celtic 0v2Hurricanes FC
FC St Helens Celtic 6v1East Leigh JFC Eagles
FC St Helens Celtic 0v1Cherrybrook Lions
East Leigh JFC Eagles 0v2Woolston Rovers Athletico
East Leigh JFC Eagles 0v0Winwick Athletic Bulls
East Leigh JFC Eagles 3v3Wigan JR Latics Royals
East Leigh JFC Eagles 0v2Widnes Dragons
East Leigh JFC Eagles 1v3Runcorn Linnets Greens
East Leigh JFC Eagles 1v5Rainhill United Celtic
East Leigh JFC Eagles 2v2Matthiola AFC
East Leigh JFC Eagles 1v1Leigh Genesis Charge
East Leigh JFC Eagles 0v1Irlam Vale AFC Tigers
East Leigh JFC Eagles 0v6Hurricanes Storm
East Leigh JFC Eagles 1v3Hurricanes FC
East Leigh JFC Eagles 0v2FC St Helens Celtic
East Leigh JFC Eagles 0v4Cherrybrook Lions
Cherrybrook Lions4v1Woolston Rovers Athletico
Cherrybrook Lions2v1Winwick Athletic Bulls
Cherrybrook Lions2v2Wigan JR Latics Royals
Cherrybrook Lions0v1Widnes Dragons
Cherrybrook Lions4v4Runcorn Linnets Greens
Cherrybrook Lions0v1Rainhill United Celtic
Cherrybrook Lions3v1Matthiola AFC
Cherrybrook Lions5v2Leigh Genesis Charge
Cherrybrook Lions1v0Irlam Vale AFC Tigers
Cherrybrook Lions1v4Hurricanes Storm
Cherrybrook Lions1v1Hurricanes FC
Cherrybrook Lions1v1FC St Helens Celtic
Cherrybrook Lions3v0East Leigh JFC Eagles

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