U11 POOL 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Northwood College66003933618
2St Teresa's 64021717012
3Howe Green63122217510
4Avon House63121813510
5Maple Walk6222161248
6King Alfred6105537-323

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King Alfred0v8Maple Walk
St Teresa's 3v0Grangewood
Howe Green2v7Northwood College
Maple Walk3v0Grangewood
St Teresa's 1v6Northwood College
Avon House2v3Howe Green
Maple Walk0v6Northwood College
King Alfred1v5Avon House
Howe Green2v5St Teresa's
Grangewood0v3Avon House
Maple Walk1v2St Teresa's
King Alfred0v9Howe Green
Northwood College6v0Avon House
Grangewood0v3King Alfred
Howe Green3v3Maple Walk
Avon House7v2St Teresa's
Northwood College11v0King Alfred
Howe Green3v0Grangewood
St Teresa's 4v1King Alfred
Avon House1v1Maple Walk
Northwood College3v0Grangewood

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