U11 Orange Division

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Harpenden Lightning24152760382247
3Wormley Blacks241131062461636
4Sumners Vipers20112754431135
5Harlow Harriers25104114953-434
6Wormley Reds189543931832
7Broxbourne Blues219483634231
8Welwyn Sapphires2384115155-428
9Ryan Youth1190237201727
10WGC Hurricans227693646-1027
11Cuffley Blues2174103746-925
12Elite Feet194692936-718
13St Albans South2231182677-5110

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Wormley Reds2v1Wormley Blacks
St Albans South1v3Harpenden Lightning
Welwyn Sapphires0v5Elite Feet
Stevenage1v1Welwyn Sapphires
Harlow Harriers3v5Ryan Youth
Harlow Harriers3v0Stevenage
Elite Feet0v1Cuffley Blues
Broxbourne Blues0v1Wormley Reds
Welwyn Sapphires1v2Sumners Vipers
Harpenden Lightning2v1Wormley Blacks
WGC Hurricans1v5Ryan Youth
St Albans South0v1Elite Feet
Wormley Reds3v1Harlow Harriers
Stevenage4v2Sumners Vipers
Ryan Youth2v1Broxbourne Blues
Cuffley Blues3v1Wormley Reds
Ryan Youth4v0Sumners Vipers
Broxbourne Blues3v0St Albans South
Harlow Harriers3v1Harpenden Lightning
Elite Feet1v5Welwyn Sapphires
Broxbourne Blues1v1Cuffley Blues
Harpenden Lightning5v0Ryan Youth
Sumners Vipers4v1Welwyn Sapphires
St Albans South0v1Stevenage
WGC Hurricans1v2Wormley Reds
Wormley Blacks1v1Elite Feet
Harlow Harriers5v1Broxbourne Blues
Elite Feet3v3Sumners Vipers
Welwyn Sapphires2v1Wormley Reds
WGC Hurricans4v2St Albans South
Sumners Vipers5v1Harpenden Lightning
Wormley Reds5v0St Albans South
Broxbourne Blues3v1Wormley Blacks
Cuffley Blues3v4Ryan Youth
WGC Hurricans2v2Elite Feet
Sumners Vipers1v1Wormley Reds
Ryan Youth2v4Wormley Blacks
Elite Feet1v1Broxbourne Blues
Wormley Reds3v0Elite Feet
Broxbourne Blues3v1Welwyn Sapphires
Cuffley Blues3v2Wormley Blacks
Welwyn Sapphires3v2Stevenage
WGC Hurricans2v1Harlow Harriers
WGC Hurricans1v0Cuffley Blues
Stevenage1v0St Albans South
Stevenage1v0Cuffley Blues
St Albans South1v0Harlow Harriers
St Albans South0v1Broxbourne Blues
Ryan Youth1v0Harlow Harriers
Harpenden Lightning0v1Wormley Reds
Harpenden Lightning1v0Stevenage
Harpenden Lightning1v0Elite Feet
Harlow Harriers1v0Harpenden Lightning
Harlow Harriers1v0Elite Feet
Cuffley Blues0v1Harlow Harriers
Wormley Reds4v0Welwyn Sapphires
Stevenage0v1Ryan Youth
Elite Feet5v1St Albans South
WGC Hurricans1v2Wormley Blacks
Stevenage6v3Broxbourne Blues
Cuffley Blues1v2Elite Feet
Ryan Youth9v2Wormley Reds
Harpenden Lightning4v0St Albans South
Sumners Vipers3v1Harlow Harriers
Wormley Blacks1v0Welwyn Sapphires
St Albans South3v3Wormley Reds
Elite Feet1v4Stevenage
Wormley Blacks2v3Cuffley Blues
Ryan Youth4v1Welwyn Sapphires
Broxbourne Blues0v2WGC Hurricans
Harpenden Lightning4v3Sumners Vipers
Sumners Vipers1v0Broxbourne Blues
Harlow Harriers1v1Wormley Reds
Elite Feet2v2Harlow Harriers
St Albans South1v3Harpenden Lightning
Wormley Reds2v2Wormley Blacks
Broxbourne Blues1v1Harlow Harriers
Sumners Vipers2v1Wormley Blacks
Welwyn Sapphires1v1WGC Hurricans
Harlow Harriers3v5Sumners Vipers
St Albans South4v3Welwyn Sapphires
Wormley Reds2v0Stevenage
Elite Feet1v3Wormley Blacks
Harpenden Lightning2v4Cuffley Blues
WGC Hurricans1v1Broxbourne Blues
Broxbourne Blues3v0Stevenage
Sumners Vipers3v1Wormley Reds
Cuffley Blues3v2St Albans South
Welwyn Sapphires0v3Harlow Harriers
Wormley Blacks2v0Harpenden Lightning
Elite Feet1v3WGC Hurricans
St Albans South1v8Wormley Blacks
Sumners Vipers6v1Cuffley Blues
Stevenage3v1WGC Hurricans
Harpenden Lightning2v0Broxbourne Blues
Broxbourne Blues4v0St Albans South
Stevenage3v0Harlow Harriers
Wormley Reds4v4WGC Hurricans
Wormley Blacks6v4Sumners Vipers
Elite Feet1v2Harpenden Lightning
Cuffley Blues2v4Welwyn Sapphires
Wormley Blacks4v2Stevenage
Cuffley Blues0v1Broxbourne Blues
Harpenden Lightning3v3Welwyn Sapphires
Sumners Vipers0v1WGC Hurricans
Stevenage2v2Elite Feet
Sumners Vipers5v3St Albans South
Harlow Harriers4v2Wormley Blacks
WGC Hurricans0v2Welwyn Sapphires
Broxbourne Blues0v6Harpenden Lightning
Cuffley Blues0v3Sumners Vipers
Wormley Blacks2v4Broxbourne Blues
Harlow Harriers3v2Welwyn Sapphires
St Albans South4v2WGC Hurricans
WGC Hurricans3v1Harlow Harriers
Welwyn Sapphires9v1St Albans South
Sumners Vipers1v2Stevenage
Cuffley Blues3v3Harpenden Lightning
Broxbourne Blues5v1Sumners Vipers
St Albans South2v3Cuffley Blues
Stevenage2v0Wormley Blacks
Harpenden Lightning4v2WGC Hurricans
Welwyn Sapphires3v3Cuffley Blues
WGC Hurricans1v6Stevenage
Wormley Blacks6v0St Albans South
Wormley Blacks1v1WGC Hurricans
Welwyn Sapphires2v3Harpenden Lightning
Harlow Harriers3v3Stevenage
Harpenden Lightning0v2Wormley Blacks
Wormley Blacks6v3Harlow Harriers
Stevenage1v3Harpenden Lightning
Cuffley Blues1v1WGC Hurricans
Cuffley Blues2v4Stevenage
Harpenden Lightning7v2Harlow Harriers
Welwyn Sapphires3v2Wormley Blacks
Stevenage2v4Welwyn Sapphires
Harlow Harriers3v1WGC Hurricans

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